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eLearning Authoring—What's New?

May 20, 2018

Although many RTOs are already well and truly immersed in the world of eLearning and the authoring tools available, it’s always worth keeping up with big changes and improvements as they happen.

So what’s new in eLearning authoring?

Captivate’s Push for Responsiveness

Even though website and web app responsiveness has been around for a significant amount of time, eLearning has generally lagged behind with desktop-only support being the case for most courses.

Many of the authoring tools available have clearly noticed the need for this form of mobile learning and made improvements to accommodate. This is especially noticeable in the latest additions to the Adobe Captivate suite:

  • Conversion of legacy and desktop courses to mobile-ready courses is now possible
  • You can now customise how courses will appear on different devices through responsive content previewing
  • New ‘Fluid’ boxes will work to align content automatically, depending on what sort of device your course is being viewed on
  • New ‘Fluid’ boxes will work to align content automatically, depending on what sort of device your course is being viewed on
  • Continuing with their push for powerful mobile support, Adobe has added responsive text to Captivate. This allows for the automatic transition of long paragraphs on mobile into more readable preview snippets that viewers can expand at their will
  • Captivate now allows for Adobe Typekit integration for a greater scope of font and text options

Articulate 360 Broadens its Question Options

Fill-in-the-blank and drag-and-drop question types have been introduced to let you get a bit more creative with the questions you design for your learners. Additional changes focus on supporting questions with greater depth than a simple ‘true or false’.

  • Detailed question feedback
    Give better explanations for the reasoning behind correct answers, as well the incorrect answers, in multiple response-style questions
  • Text to speech
    Want to make those big blocks of text more engaging? New speech synthesis capabilities in Articulate allow for automatic conversion and playback of written text into a spoken voice of your choosing
  • Custom fonts
    Have an official font that you’d love to see consistently used across all facets of your organisation? Like Captivate, Articulate is expanding its font capabilities to include custom fonts in your eLearning

If you haven’t already, head to the Captivate and Articulate websites and see what’s new in the world of eLearning authoring. Integrating these changes will bring about a more engaging eLearning experience for your students, and make authoring content much easier for your RTO.

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