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Digitising work-based learning – how does it work?

November 23, 2021

If you’re part of a training organisation that manages work-based learning, you’ll know paper-based logbooks and manual systems have been the norm for years. This manual way of doing things has worked well enough in the past, but let’s be real – a paper-based system is neither efficient nor simple to manage for work-based learning. (And that goes for more and more paper-based processes across all industries). 

Now, imagine if work-based learning programs across the VET sector were managed digitally. If you’re used to managing it all with a paper-based system, it might be hard to visualise how this could work for your training organisation’s admin staff, trainers, work-based learners and the work-based learning employers you partner with. 

Training providers need to know how changing from paper-based to digitised can improve RTO processes and the experiences of all parties involved. Let's go through the main components to understand how this can work for your RTO.

Digital work-based learning

One example could be that a learner's RTO has arranged for them to complete work-based learning at a local childcare centre. The childcare centre’s work-based learning supervisor and the learner each have their own app that they’ll use throughout the whole work-based learning process – the Supervisor app and Learner app. These apps are all connected with the RTO’s Student Management System (SMS) and Learning Management System (LMS), which the RTO’s admin staff and trainers will be using to manage the placement. 

These apps allow each party to view the specific information they each need in a centralised place. 

For admins and trainers

The RTO’s SMS/LMS is where administrators set up the work placements for the learners. This feeds into the Learner and Supervisor apps.

Throughout the work-based learning, trainers can see time and evidence logged by the learner that are specific to particular Activities the learner has participated in. These activities and evidence can be mapped to the unit of competency. 

With a digital Work-based Learning feature in the RTO's SMS/LMS, trainers and admins can easily monitor the progress of work-based learners all within one system.

aXcelerate work-based learning feature administrator and trainer view
Work-based Learning in the aXcelerate LMS – Admin view

The Learner app

The Learner app is essentially the digital version of a work-based learning logbook. This is where your work-based learners will go to do everything related to their work-based learning.
Many learners find it's inconvenient to carry a paper-based logbook with them every time they’re at their work placement, and know all too well how easy it is to forget the logbook at home. A digital logbook app is securely stored in the cloud, and always accessible on the learner’s own mobile device. With a digital logbook, learners won’t lose any records of hours logged and activities they’ve performed.

With their digital logbook app, learners can:

  • view supervisor contact information and all necessary instructions
  • record time and uploading evidence (text, photos, videos) for specific activities
  • provide a reflection of their day and a sentiment rating that the RTO can view – this will be especially helpful when the RTO is reviewing and evaluating the work-based learning program
  • view notifications for key events, such as when a logbook entry has been approved
  • add their digital signature to evidence 
  • ...and much more, all accessible any time, anywhere.
aXcelerate work-based learning feature student view
aXcelerate Learner App

The Supervisor app – for the host employer 

Supervisors have to manage their normal job plus the work-based learners, and need a tool that is time-efficient, easy to use and accessible anywhere at any time. 

With their own app, supervisors can: 

  • add their digital signature
  • mark attendance
  • receive notifications, for example if a logbook entry is awaiting approval
  • contact their work-based learners with contact details that the learner has provided in the app
  • ...and much more.
aXcelerate Work-based learning feature supervisor view
aXcelerate Supervisor App

aXcelerate's digital Work-Based Learning feature is now available for all clients on our Turbo licence.

aXcelerate is Australia’s number 1 cloud-based Student Management System and Learning Management System.

From starting out as an RTO, to developing our software and continuing to grow through many changes in the VET sector over the past 33 years, we’ve helped 900+ training organisations thrive with aXcelerate’s One System SMS/LMS solution.

Learn how we can help your training organisation here, or chat with us to see how we can work with you to reach your training management goals, including digitising the management of your work-based learning, here

aXcelerate Work-based learning mobile apps

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