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CRICOS Cost Recovery Implementation Statement Draft (2022)

August 13, 2021

Education providers on CRICOS (including schools, vocational education and training providers, higher education providers, ELICOS and foundation program providers) will face the CRICOS Annual Registration Charge (CARC) to recover costs for the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE). Charges for individual education providers will vary depending on their size and sector(s) of operation.

The Australian Government agreed in the 2021-22 Budget to fully cost recover the department’s CRICOS regulatory activities, including: 

  • to reset CRICOS regulatory charges to fully cost recover and align with the Charging Framework
  • to align commencement of new CRICOS charging arrangements with the commencement of TEQSA’s and ASQA’s new cost recovery arrangements on 1 January 2022
  • for legislative amendments to implement the new CRICOS cost recovery arrangements.

What is the Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS)?

This CRIS provides information on how the department implements cost recovery for its regulatory responsibilities under the ESOS Act. It reports the financial and non-financial performance information for the CRICOS program and contains financial forecasts for 2021-22 and three forward years. 

Consistent with the Australian Government Charging Framework, the department will maintain the CRIS until the activity or cost recovery for the activity has been discontinued.

ASQA and TEQSA costs aren’t included in this CRIS.

What costs will the CRICOS Annual Registration Charge recover for the department?

The CARC recoups the cost of regulating CRICOS providers, including:

  • PRISMS and CRICOS IT Systems management and provider support
  • ESOS Policy Framework administration and support
  • CRICOS School Providers regulation.

These regulatory charging arrangements are part of the Government’s broader charging approach, in which providers who create the need for regulation should bear those costs. 

DESE aims to ensure that all providers of international education meet Australia’s quality standards, supporting the industry’s recovery from COVID-19, its ongoing development and cementing Australia’s reputation as a professional and high-quality destination for international students.

Have your say

ITECA is one organisation that is advising the Australian Government to continue the current suspension of CRICOS fees and charges until 1 July 2022, questioning if this is the right time to be considering reintroducing a range of fees and charges that are currently suspended on international education providers.

There have been two consultations so far, with submissions being broadly supportive of the proposed arrangements. 

Providers can comment on the Exposure Draft of the Cost Recovery Implementation Statement until 5pm August 23 (use this feedback response template). Learn more here

More information is available on the ESOS Fees and Charges website.

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