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Better RTO Management - The Deed is in the Data

March 2, 2018

Where there’s data, there’s analytics. Analytical tools utilise statistics to make sense of data, provide insights into understanding reality, and help managers make better decisions.

The same applies to RTO student management system users, especially if they're an RTO manager who needs to keep updated on all aspects their organisation. They ask questions like,

Which courses have the highest enrolment rates?

How many students are failing?

What is the class attendance?

Analytics is the best way for an RTO manager to excel at their job. But what determines a quality analytics pipeline?

Data Source

In the age of big data, the bigger the volume and the wider the variety of data, the more insightful the analytics. This requires users to collect and input as extensive a range of data as possible, and their management system should implement a flexible data schema to allow users to insert customised attributes.

Data Quality

By the principle of “garbage in, garbage out” the validity of the analytics depends on how accurately the data reflects reality. Quality assurance over the data and its source is paramount and may involve substantial and routine database maintenance from the system provider.


The analytical tool is an application layer which sits on top of the database and usually involves data visualisation. To present the analytical insights sensibly and flexibly the system should provide an interface with display field options, chart options, and output format options to enable a comprehensive combination of presentations.

Data Techniques

Last but not least, the data techniques are applied. These are basic analytical tools which extract a snapshot of reality. There’s also data mining, machine learning, or even AI algorithms to probe deeper behind the scene and predict the future. Depending on the volume of data available, users may consider applying these high-level algorithms with the help of data specialists to mine insightful knowledge and facilitate better decision making.

Data analytical tools are an indispensable feature for any student management system which receives data from its users. RTO managers should research the reporting tools offered by any SMS before making a purchase decision.

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