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A visual guide to the AVETMISS 8.0 September updates

November 7, 2018

A few weeks ago, NCVER made some updates to their AVETMISS Validation Software. Besides changing the interface for a few screens and fixing some bugs, they also announced plans to fix the never-ending ‘reset password’ loop that wouldn’t let users update their AVS login details.

Here’s a visual summary of all you need to know.

Finalise Submission

To stay compliant with the National VET Data Policy, users who submit their RTO’s data must input their name and position. Previously this field was auto-filled and unchangeable, but in September’s AVS update users can fill this information themselves.

AVETMISS Finalise Submission

They’re also making the visibility of submissions more accessible. At the end of each reporting period, the registration enquiries contact (as listed on TGA) will receive an emailed report of all submissions made during that period. If you have data submitter or organisation administrator roles, you can use the Submissions Report feature to view and export a list of submissions.


Collection History

Before the September AVS update, only the latest instance would show on the collection page. Now you can see the full history of all validations and submissions, and to make up for having all records on screen AVS now allows you to filter on collections.

AVETMISS Collection History

Validation Changes

As part of the September release, NCVER has updated and released plans for several validations.

Field: Survey contact status, E 4732
Contact status ‘M’ must now be consistent with the client’s age as of the end date of the collection year, not the date of validation.
September release

Field: Training organisation name, E 4612
RTOs can still only report one name in the NAT file, but a greater list of names can be used to check that their training name matches the name(s) listed on TGA.
Late 2018 (date TBA)

Field: Field of Education (Subject), E 3720
This will no longer trigger if the TGA module has a field of education. Modules found on TGA without this field will still need to be reported with one.
Late 2018 (date TBA)

Bug Fixes

  • AVS message screen sorting has been fixed
  • Validation rules 3867 and 3868 should now show all affected client identifiers
  • Upcoming: NCVER are working to fix the password reset loop so users can update their password

It’s great to see that AVETMISS validation is being constantly improved to make reporting easier for everyone. If you have any thoughts on improving the software, NCVER always welcomes feedback and ideas about AVS via this form.

For more help on AVETMISS reporting, see The Top 5 AVETMISS Errors and How to Solve Them.

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