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6 Reasons Your RTO Needs Marketing Automation

April 26, 2019

So, your RTO is growing.

You have worked hard to build your credibility and now it’s time to reap the rewards.

You start to offer more and more courses, your website is on fire, and an increasing number of students are enrolling. At the same time you have to manage the existing ones, send a towering amount of emails, nurture your trainers, and in the meantime, promote your RTO. You just can’t stop!

Social media, email marketing, web campaigns, and your company website need to be managed and updated constantly.

Are you ready for all this?

If your answer is YES, well done. You have planned everything to the smallest detail, and now you are ready to face the future challenges.

Is your answer is NO? Don’t panic, the solution is just around the corner. In fact, there’s an ally who can help you to go through this epic next step in growing your RTO, and his name is Marketing Automation.

Automatic email marketing, lead nurturing activities, personal connections and messages, accurate reports and improved brand presence.

If this list sounds sweet to your ears, then keep reading, this is just the beginning. I now introduce to you the 6 reasons why Marketing Automation can improve your RTO:

1) Save your time, travel to the future!

Your time is precious. Marketing Automation knows it and he’s ready to give you a boost. Create multiple campaigns, emails and posts and schedule them for the future. Days, weeks, months, years. All you have to do is plan when and where you want to deliver your content, and let Marketing Automation do the rest.Automatic, fast and reliable. Fasten your seatbelt!

2) Be human again

You used to call them clients, students, leads, and customers. But the reality is that they are all human beings. Same as you!Marketing Automation is not human, but he can create specific criteria which allow you to tag, separate, and individuate all your contacts in order to deliver more personal and contextual messages. He understands their behaviours and interests and even predicts which kind of training they’re interested in. Not even their parents know them better than him.

3) Be always in the right place at the right time

A good sense of timing is crucial both in life and in business. Identify which virtual places prospects use, and be there at the right time using multi-channel campaigns to allow them to connect with you in the way they prefer.

4) Explore the mystic reign of data

There is a huge world of data out there. The problem is that it’s often hidden in the dark. But don’t worry, as Marketing Automation will be both your torch and compass, allowing you to track your email, social media and campaign statistics, and in-depth data. I know, I know, interpreting analytics outcomes can seem like reading hieroglyphs. That’s why you should allow Marketing Automation to be your translator, helping you to easily understand and use the results of your campaigns.

5) Easy-peasy

Has everything you read so far been music to your ears? Well start your engines, because the best part of Marketing Automation is that it is absolutely easy to use! It doesn’t requires months of training and it will transform complex campaigns and communications into easy actions. Connecting with potential learners has never been so easy.

6) What are you waiting for?

Come on, do you really need more reasons to start to use Marketing Automation for your RTO?

There are plenty of reasons why you should start to implement marketing automation to grow your RTO, but the main incentive is that it is so tailored to your enterprise that its capabilities and potentials are endless.

So take a deep breath, psych yourself up, and get ready to let Marketing Automation help your institution flourish.

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