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5 important training management system features for emergency services training

November 2, 2021

A good Student Management System (SMS) and Learning Management System (LMS) should support your emergency services training across all business processes. We’ve chosen five important SMS and LMS features that can help you provide consistently excellent emergency services training.

1. Online enrolments

Online enrolments are great for attracting more learners to enrol with your training organisation, and are especially beneficial for emergency services training organisations who provide high volume short courses. Online enrolments allow prospective learners to easily enrol in courses online.

Take a look at this example from Emergency Australia’s website. Prospective learners are able to easily and securely enrol directly from their website.

2. Bulk actions

If you’re managing high volumes of courses and learners, bulk actions can save a lot of time on repetitive tasks. Some examples could include: 

  • Bulk creating multiple instances of a short course in minutes
  • Bulk updating course instances in seconds
  • Bulk emailing your learners and clients with booking confirmations, certificates, and more. This is especially helpful if you have few admin staff, but a large number of learners to manage. 
  • Bulk marking your student’s attendance and course completions. 

With automation, you’ll also be able to organise and send out large numbers of automated course refresher training reminders. 

3. Online pre-course theory

Providing pre-course theory through your LMS can streamline your course for your learners and trainers. One example could be if you deliver HLTAID003 (Provide first aid), you might require learners to complete two modules of online theory before attending an in-person workshop. A great tool in your LMS to deliver this on is Learning Plans. You’ll be able to guide the learner through the theory step-by-step with self-driven and/or schedule-based progression, with optional quizzes and resources included. Learning Plans allow trainers to create a great learner experience while guiding learner progression through the online learning and assessment. 

An example of a Learning Plan in the aXcelerate Learning Management System

4. Calendar

A good SMS will allow you to stay organised with ease with a smart calendar. You should be able to do things like: 

  • Create short courses directly from the calendar, and send email notifications to the desired guests
  • Find quality tasks, learner activities, booked assets, events, short courses, or a combination
  • Create layouts based on trainers, rooms, or equipment, with data pulled from your system usage to help avoid clashes
  • Save filtered views.

5. Work-based learning app

If your organisation provides work-based learning (WBL), you’ve likely been using a paper-based system. Taking your WBL logbooks online sounds daunting, but when done right can transform your whole WBL program – especially if its cloud-based, integrated with your SMS and LMS, mobile-friendly, has offline capabilities, digital signatures and more. 

Instead of using inconvenient paper-based logbooks that can be lost or damaged, learners can simply use their own mobile devices to record evidence, including photos and videos, while supervisors can approve evidence and mark attendance in their own WBL app. 

An example of work-based learning in aXcelerate on a mobile phone view

We’ve covered the basic benefits of these features, and there are so many more beneficial features in a SMS and LMS, but we hope this article has been helpful for understanding how you can use these systems to elevate your emergency services training. 

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