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Learning Plans officially released in our LMS

October 19, 2021

Our new LMS feature Learning Plans allows you to control the flow of the learning journey through online lessons and assessment, and is now live in aXcelerate! Delivering online learning and assessment with a highly engaging student experience has never been easier. 

With Learning Plans, your students will be presented with a clear, step-by-step plan to undertake their course, including prerequisite rules and dependencies, while moving through their learning and assessment activities. 

“For a lot of our courses, the learner needs to complete a Unit of Competency before completing another. Learning Plans gives us the ability to order and control modules, which makes student progression easier for both the student and the trainer/assessor.”

– Tony Thomas, ASTRA

Learning Plans have been trialled and tested by our current clients over the last three months with improvements made thanks to their feedback. We will continue to make improvements to Learning Plans, such as including Workshops within a Plan, more automation and other enhancements based on client feedback.   

“Our classes all use rolling enrolments, so Learning Plans makes it easier to manage student scheduling and student progression through the online learning and assessment. Trainers can upload videos, images, resources and more, organised in one place so that students can easily find what they need to do.” 

– Hao Liu, Charter Australia 

Ready to get started with Learning Plans? 

Learning Plans are as easy as…

Author your content

Build your Learning Plan

Control the flow of your students’ learning

aXcelerate Learning Plans

Learning Plans is a key LMS feature and is available to aXcelerate Turbo clients. 

If you’re interested in upgrading to complete your aXcelerate software package with our Learning Management System, book a meeting with Tom, our friendly Client Engagement Representative. Tom can show you how aXcelerate Turbo can benefit your training organisation by saving you time, money and increasing student engagement and satisfaction.

“Since we’ve been a client of aXcelerate, we’ve found that every month there’s something that’s 100% value-add. It’s just raised the bar of what we can do. 

Learning Plans are something that’s really made everything easier with our delivery, tracking and marking.”

– Bradley Smith, Essential Energy

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