Student Management System essentials

What's a student management system? And what features do I need?

What is a student management system? (SMS)

A student management system allows you to manage every aspect of a training business—compliance, student records, courses, qualifications, assessment, and a whole lot more. It makes running a training organisation simpler, allowing you to focus on growing your business.
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What are the essential features of a student management system?

Student management is complicated, requiring a comprehensive system to cover everything. We've listed the critical features of an SMS below, which you can use to determine whether an SMS is worth investing in.


  • Report on AVETMISS, USI, RAPT, CRICOS, and VSL data. Fix errors directly within the report
  • Generate compliant USIs
  • Manage quality register goals and tasks, linked to RTO Standards 2015
  • Upload evidence of trainer competency, and be notified of competency expiry
  • Capture key student documents in their application, such as passports, VISAs, insurance, qualifications, or anything else
More compliance features
AVETMISS reporting

Courses and accreditation

  • See student progress for a course, at a glance
  • Update student info such as competency status, funding codes, and AVETMISS status
  • Set up and manage training courses that meet nationally recognised standards
  • Track learner attendance, assessment and completion of accredited units of competency
  • Give assessors access to submitted assessments, for marking
  • Create professional, branded certificates in your student management system
Courses and accreditation


  • Students can complete online assessments, with instant results
  • Map assessment tasks to units of competency, to remain compliant. Mapping against frameworks such as
    RTO Standards 2015 and Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)
  • Create a range of assessment modes, such as observation checklists, online quizzes, short answer, marking criteria or RPL evidence
  • Create custom assessment plans for each course/qualification, e.g. work-based, blended learning, RPL only, etc.
  • Assessors can conduct and mark assessments, write outcomes, provide students with feedback, and apply their electronic signature to authenticate the assessment
  • Assessors can also capture photo and video evidence and upload against specific assessment criteria
More assessment features


  • Send branded templates to students, such as registration letters, welcome letters, offer letters, course completion, progress or attendance reports, course withdrawal, refunds, and more.
  • Send bulk emails or SMSs to students
  • Automated SMS reminders for students with pending or overdue assessments
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  • Show all qualifications and courses on your website, and manage them easily in your student management system
  • Allow students to browse courses on your website, enrol, or make enquiries. Configure the enrolment form to make the process as easy as possible for users
  • Define mandatory enrolment fields, and allow document uploads such as identification, certificates, visa or passport information, and more
  • Take payment for enrolments, including direct debit payment plans

Calendar & scheduling

  • Create calendar appointments for events, courses, or anything else you need
  • View upcoming events, courses, assets and more
  • Filter events by course type, location, user type (e.g. trainer), training category, coordination type, room, equipment
  • Notify attendees of new events
More calendar & scheduling features

Workflow automation

  • Send automated emails and SMSs to multiple contacts
  • Increase quality with automated post-course surveys
  • Create schedules for recurring tasks to improve efficiency
  • Run scheduled reports (e.g. once a month) and send to users such as managers, trainers, or compliance staff
  • Run a scheduled AVETMISS validation report once a week, and receive it in your inbox
More workflow automation features
workflow automation

Resource library

  • Version-controlled document management, linked to RTO Standards 2015
  • Cloud-based document management, accessible from anywhere
  • Store training documents, policies, web links, or whatever else you need
  • Create document categories, to keep things tidy
  • Set review dates for documents, and have the student management system remind you before the date
More resource library features
resources library

Quality management

  • Create quality improvement tasks for staff, to maintain high standards
  • Get valuable info from students and trainers, with surveys such as pre-course questionnaires, post-course evaluations, and client satisfaction surveys
  • Convert students’ survey feedback to quality improvement tasks
  • Create goals, and link tasks to them
  • Filter tasks and goals by creator, owner, related RTO standard, category, and status
More quality management features
quality management

Work-based learning

  • Trainers can capture evidence of work-based learning, as the work is being completed
  • Track the status and progress of students, their courses, assessments, units and work placements
  • Easily change or cancel work placements and send notifications to all involved parties
  • Produce timely reports on work placement attendance and outcomes
More work-based learning features
work based learning

Trainer competency

  • View competency status at a glance
  • Trainers can upload competency/currency evidence against single units of competency, or entire qualifications
  • Allow admins to review competency submissions, and respond with comments, a request for more information, or approval
  • The student management system should automatically notify admins when competencies are close to expiration
trainer competencies


  • Charge students for their tuition and other fees
  • Auto-send invoices when payments are due
  • Track and reconcile payments with ease
  • Generate Vet Student Loan (VSL) reports
  • Generate business performance reports and sales commission reports for your finance team
  • Export financial data to Xero, MYOB, or Quickbooks
  • Create payment plans for students
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Customer Testimonials

"Our students find the system easy to navigate, the trainers state the self-marking tool for multiple choice – single choice questions assists greatly, and the formatting of the portal allows for ease of marking for the short answer questions. I am truly impressed with how easy the system was to populate, to bring online and how easy our students and trainers find it to use. Could not ask for more."
Peter - SPASA Australia
"I value aXcelerate for allowing a panel of selected users to have an enormous influence in creation of the Online Assessment tool - I can vouch for the fact that the ability for it to map tasks to units of competency at a deep granular level is a significant differentiator. It is a tremendous time saver when it comes time to audit!"
Chris - Site Skills Training

aXcelerate has all the above features and more, which is why we're Australia's #1 student management system