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Top 5 VET trends in 2022

November 26, 2021

2021 is coming to a close, and many of us are planning and preparing for 2022. The VET sector has gone through many challenges and changes in the past 12 months – so we have no doubt 2022 will be a fresh start for many training providers and a year of accelerated growth for others. 

Here are our predictions for the top 5 VET trends in 2022. 

#1 Digitising the management of work-based learning

There’s more and more research coming out about work-based learning, with benefits including achieving the best lasting employment outcomes for young people and more
Learners know having practical real-world work experiences are important for employment outcomes, and it greatly complements the theoretical side of training. 
But, the one thing that can drag down the whole work-based learning experience for learners, host employers, RTO administrators and trainers is outdated paper-based work-based learning systems. Relying on a paper logbook to be kept secure, safe and up-to-date throughout the entirety of a learner’s work placement is a risk that training providers shouldn’t be taking. 

In 2022, learners will continue to have the expectation that their training provider of choice will provide the best learner experience possible – and a paper-based logbook just isn’t going to cut it anymore. 

Plus, with other benefits to digitising work-based learning management processes, such as improved communication, centralised information and a better experience for the host employers you partner with, we don’t envision many providers choosing to stay in the past with outdated management processes and systems. 

We’re excited to play a part in improving work-based learning management for training providers with our new Work-based Learning feature, coming very soon. Check it out here.

#2 Blended learning

Blended learning has been on the rise for quite a few years now. With international students returning to Australia starting 1 December, CRICOS and ELICOS providers have the opportunity for a fresh start. Providing blended learning is another aspect of ‘the future of education and training’ that learners expect from providers.

For training organisations to provide blended learning with the level of quality learners expect (including what international learners expect from the standard of Australian education), a comprehensive and compliant training management system is needed. A good training management system will give you the right tools to suit your training organisation, including being able to provide online learning and assessment, easy compliance and reporting, student management and more. 

#3 Digital badging

Digital badging has also been around for a while, but we predict it will continue to grow in popularity for many providers in 2022. Digital badges are verifiable virtual acknowledgements of earned credentials, skills or achievements. They can be shared via social media, such as on LinkedIn, and hyperlinked on resumes. A learner can build up a ‘portfolio’ of digital badges. 

For training providers, digital badges are also a great marketing and growth opportunity with the ability for the badges to be shared online.

#4 Immersive learning and Extended Reality training 

Did someone say ‘metaverse’? Well, we all know Mark Zuckerberg did. But aside from the social potential of the metaverse, immersive environments will also have an important role to play in education and training – and in fact already do. Surgeons, pilots, firefighters and more crucial jobs are already using extended reality (XR) to train for their jobs, and we’re likely to see even more industries take on this technology next year. Check out our interviews with Black6 Labs and JBHXR on how they’re developing immersive learning technologies for VET, and how your RTO can start using this technology in 2022.

#5 More industry engagement 

There’s been lots of discussion around strengthening industry’s involvement with VET. With the NSW Government investing $1 million for industry experts to pursue a career change as a TAFE NSW teacher, to new NCVER research on attracting industry experts to become VET practitioners, to the new VET industry engagement reforms – we’re sure we’ll being seeing a lot more discourse, action and outcomes for industry engagement with VET in the coming year.

2022 is looking up, and we're excited to see further growth and innovation in the VET sector. 

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