Transform on-the-job training with Work-Based Learning

Digitise and automate using seamless functionality within aXcelerate’s system.

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Facilitate better learning outcomes, relieve audit stress, reduce cost and save time. Work-Based Learning is the newest feature of Australia’s most powerful one-system solution for training management.

Work-based Learning Trainers

Retire the paper logbooks. Go digital with the Learner App

Keep learners engaged and on task anywhere, anytime. Designed to make on-the-job skills tracking simple and with access to essential course details, your learners will embrace the convenience.

  • Digital logbook—Guide learners through activities and empower them to capture and record their progress in real time.
  • Total visibility on hand—View upcoming events and workshops, register attendance, access Learning Plans, and more.
  • Skills portfolio—Digital logbook doubles as a portfolio that’s easy to retain and can be used beyond their training program.

Streamline third-party sign-off with our dedicated Supervisor App

Free up supervisors to focus on meaningful interactions with learners.

  • Digital approvals and marking—Sign logbook entries and mark attendance in real time.
  • Record feedback—Reinforce in-the-moment coaching with logbook feedback.
  • Key details on hand—View learner schedules and important course details.
Work-based Learning Students
Work-based Learning Trainers

Create better on-the-job training outcomes

Track every learning journey in real time. With complete oversight, you’re empowered to deliver better training outcomes that increase student satisfaction.

  • Real-time feedback—Influence learning outcomes with guidance and support when it’s needed most. 
  • Monitor learner hours—Keep learners on track with a dynamic dashboard of hours and days completed.
  • Sync communication—Create timely messaging with automated workflows and push notifications straight to the apps.
  • Data-driven employer options—Select and nurture the best host employers for your learners based on sentiment ratings and employer profile insights.

Trim costs and consolidate systems. Switch on Work-Based Learning

Minimise growing administrative and system costs, and unite your systems.
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Reduce admin costs

Save on paper, printing and storage costs.
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One-system solution

Avoid disparate systems and segregated data, with
on-the-job training management within your SMS and LMS.

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