New Online Assessments

Quick authoring - easy mapping.

New and improved features

Improved authoring capabilities
New intuitive, user friendly interface
Smart new marking functionality with more flexibility

Online Assessment made even easier

Now is the time to go fully online with your assessments.


  • Create course-related and standalone assessments
  • Select from a range of assessment modes including observation checklist, online quizzes, short answer, marking criteria or RPL evidence
  • Create custom assessment modes to suit your specific assessment context
  • Choose your grading method from numerical scoring, custom grading scales, percentages and customisable marking rubrics
  • Add assessment criteria/items combined with evidence upload function


  • Download qualification training components directly from including units, elements, performance criteria, foundation skills, performance evidence, knowledge evidence and assessment conditions
  • Drag and drop your assessment questions and items to related training components, or vice versa, to create mapping relationships
  • Get direct visual feedback about mapping relationships including the number of components mapped to each assessment criterion/question


  • Review the mapping of each assessment task and their assessment items/criteria or questions as they relate to the unit of competency and its components
  • Hover over assessment item and/or question icons to display the description of the assessment criteria or question being mapped
  • Select different assessment plans to display their related assessment tasks and item mappings (e.g. employment-based, face-to-face or RPL)
  • Say goodbye to your mapping spreadsheets forever and say hello to the most sophisticated assessment compliance tool an RTO will ever need!


  • Increase your trainer/assessor’s productivity significantly with the most comprehensive mobile app for VET practitioners
  • Enable your trainers to quickly view what’s on today and drill into each event to get further course details
  • Trainers can check course notes, get map directions to their course delivery location and see a list of all their students and their status
  • Efficiently capture attendance data through ultra-quick marking and recording functions
  • Available for both iOS and Android mobile devices


  • Assessors can view assessment instructions, conduct and mark assessments, write notes about assessment outcomes, provide students with feedback and apply their electronic signature to authenticate the assessment
  • Assessors can also capture photo and video evidence and upload against specific assessment criteria
  • Where desired, enable your trainers/assessors to mark competencies, saving even more time
  • Key functions including calendar, courses, students/contacts, tasks, notes and, of course, assessments are all available offline as well as online


  • View assessment statistics in powerful new dashboard
  • Powerful new interface aligned with industry standard design principles
  • Assessors can leave feedback for students to review in learner portal
  • Printable assessments for students and assessors
  • Mark multiple student assessments in one go

Learner Portal

  • Students can take quizzes online and receive instant feedback
  • Students have the ability to easily upload evidence for RPL assessments
  • Students can receive trainer feedback available directly via the portal
  • Students only need to repeat incorrect questions
  • Students can easily review their course progress

Customer Testimonials

"Our students find the system easy to navigate, the trainers state the self-marking tool for multiple choice – single choice questions assists greatly, and the formatting of the portal allows for ease of marking for the short answer questions. I am truly impressed with how easy the system was to populate, to bring online and how easy our students and trainers find it to use. Could not ask for more."
Peter - SPASA Australia
"I value aXcelerate for allowing a panel of selected users to have an enormous influence in creation of the Online Assessment tool - I can vouch for the fact that the ability for it to map tasks to units of competency at a deep granular level is a significant differentiator. It is a tremendous time saver when it comes time to audit!"
Chris - Site Skills Training