Existing USI Search

March 24, 2020

From March 25th, you’ll be able to search for a student’s existing USI directly in aXcelerate, rather than logging into the separate USI Student Portal. The feature can be accessed from any contact's view page, by clicking the search icon next to the USI field.

USI search

You can choose your search details, however, you’ll need the student's surname, date of birth and gender to perform the search. If a match is found, the USI and the details used to locate it will be automatically saved against the student's record, and a system note will be added. Please be aware that when searching for a student's USI, if you successfully find a record, the student will receive a notification informing them that your organisation has located their USI.

Thanks to Wendy Owen for suggesting this awesome feature in our ideas forum, and for everyone who supported it. Keep the ideas coming!

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