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Harness the power of Hubspot in aXcelerate

January 16, 2020

Hubspot is a popular CRM and marketing platform that allows you to build better relationships with leads and customers. You can now pull valuable Hubspot info such as contacts, companies, and deals into aXcelerate, offering clearer views of the student’s journey, and reducing the need to access multiple systems. Your Hubspot info will be pulled into aXcelerate automatically, removing the need for manual copying. It’ll also be pulled regularly, to keep your info up-to-date.

Hubspot contacts, companies and deals can be quickly imported into aXcelerate, automatically linking to their equivalent.

Import contacts from Hubspot

Select which Hubspot actions should flow through to aXcelerate, such as creating new contacts, updating existing contact, or creating new deals.

Hubspot webhook event settings

View Hubspot info in aXcelerate, reducing time spent in multiple systems. You can even view HubSpot ‘Engagements’ activity in aXcelerate which will display a chronological table of all engagement activity that has happened against the HubSpot contact record.

Hubspot Profile

You can also export info from aXcelerate to HubSpot, for use with one of Hubspot’s awesome CRM features.

Hubspot profile

Our HubSpot integration is essential for getting a handle on the marketing lifecycle of your leads and students, allowing you to better nurture them through every stage, and increasing your bottom line.

Check out this SHOT series for more info on how our Hubspot integration works, or take a look at our Hubspot help doc.

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