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We’re changing how emails are sent from aXcelerate

November 15, 2019

On December 4th, we’re changing how emails are sent from aXcelerate, to reduce the chance of them being directed to the recipient’s junk folder.

Currently, most clients are sending emails from aXcelerate’s mail server. If aXcelerate clients send poorly formatted or too many emails to their customers, it increases the likelihood of emails being delivered to junk for all aXcelerate clients that use our mail server.

Going forward, you'll only be able to send emails from an address that is within your domain. For example, if your email address is fred.flintstone@mytraining.com.au, you can only send emails from addresses that end in mytraining.com.au. This will prevent emails from being viewed as fraudulent or spam, which worsens the reputation of aXcelerate's mail server.

To give your emails the best chance of being delivered to your recipient’s inbox, we highly recommend changing your settings in aXcelerate to use your own SMTP server. By doing so, the sending reputation of others will have no impact on you. Please see these instructions on how to configure your SMTP in aXcelerate.

What is changing?

We’re adding three new fields to the system which will be available for all emails, regardless of the setup.

1. Default From Email
This is the address from which your emails will be sent, but can change depending on the Sending Behaviour setting (below).

2. Default From Name (Display Name)
This is the user-friendly name that appears in a recipient's inbox in place of the email address, for example, “Joe Bloggs” instead of joe.bloggs@mytraining.com.au.

3. Sending Behaviour
Select one option to determine how emails are sent:

  • Allow any from same domain: Email can be sent from addresses of the same domain as the Default From Email. For example, if the Default From Email is joe.bloggs@mytraining.com.au, an email can be sent from fred.flintstone@mytraining.com.au, but not from fred.flintstone@bedrock.com.au. Sending email from an address of a different domain will revert the “from” address to the Default From Email. The “reply-to” address will be the sending address.
  • Default from address only: All email will be sent from Default From Email. Sending email from a different address will result in that address being moved to the “reply-to” section.

What do I have to do?

After the change is made, all emails will be sent from the Default From Email, or another email address from the same domain. This makes it critical to add appropriate Default From Name and Default From Email settings. We'll pre-populate the Default From Name with your organisation’s name, which should be reviewed to ensure its accuracy.

If you’d like to confirm your Default From Name and Default From Email prior to our release, please contact our support team at support@axcelerate.zendesk.com. We’ll provide another update closer to the release.

You can find more info about these change in this article, including setup examples.

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