A new login eXperience

June 21, 2021

Summary of the new login experience

aXcelerate’s login experience will be changing in July and all users will create a new ‘Global Account’. As part of these changes, the user creation and registration process will also be changing with aXcelerate no longer automatically generating and emailing passwords. Going forward, users will be invited to create their own accounts with their own passwords, or create their account using their Apple, Facebook, or Google accounts.

These changes will also have an impact on our /user/ API endpoints and any clients with custom integrations will need to support these changes in their integration.

Read on for more general information and our Help Guide for more detailed information.

Details of the new login experience

To continue to deliver best practice security standards and performance enhancements for aXcelerate, over the coming weeks we will be releasing a new login experience where all aXcelerate users (including students) will be asked to create a ‘Global Account’. During this process, users will have the option to connect their aXcelerate account(s) to their Google, Facebook or Apple account or alternatively create them with an email address or mobile phone number and password.

This change will provide a more secure and seamless login experience and also allow users with multiple aXcelerate accounts the ability to connect them all to a single Global Account. If a user creates their account with the email address or mobile phone number and password option, they will also have the option to configure their Global Account to require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

All users will have a new ‘My Account’ page under their profile icon which will allow them to see all training providers that they have connected to their Global Account. Once connected, from the single login, a user will be able to access all portals available to each account (administrator, learner, client, agent).

We’re also improving the user creation process

New users created in aXcelerate will no longer receive an email containing a generated username and password, but instead they will receive an email invitation to create a Global Account by using an email address or mobile phone number (and password), or their Google, Facebook or Apple accounts.

As part of these changes, aXcelerate will create a new template in your account that will be used for the new user invitation emails. The main difference is that you will no longer need the [aXcelerate Username] or [Generated Password] templated fields, as these will be replaced by a single [Login Creation Link] template field. All login creation links generated will expire after 90 days, which will be specified in the template.

If you would like to update the design of the new template, please do so by editing the ‘New Login Experience Invitation’ template.

When are the updates happening?

These changes will be available in our Staging environment on Thursday July 1, 2021 and are intended to be activated four weeks later in our live environment on Monday August 2, 2021.

If you have a custom integration that utilises our /user/ related endpoints to create, login, logout and change passwords, please read the User API Endpoint Changes.

Please see our Help Guide for more information.

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