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Map ASQA’s training components to assessments and stay compliant, all within aXcelerates' Online Assessment Platform

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What’s new in Online Assessments?

aXcelerate Online Assessment Authoring


  • Create course-related and standalone assessments
  • Select from a range of assessment modes including observation checklist, online quizzes, short answer, marking criteria or RPL evidence
  • Create custom assessment modes to suit your specific assessment context
  • Choose your grading method from numerical scoring, custom grading scales, percentages and customisable marking rubrics
  • Add assessment criteria/items combined with evidence upload function


  • Download qualification training components directly from including units, elements, performance criteria, foundation skills, performance evidence, knowledge evidence and assessment conditions
  • Drag and drop your assessment questions and items to related training components, or vice versa, to create mapping relationships
  • Get direct visual feedback about mapping relationships including the number of components mapped to each assessment criterion/question
aXcelerate Online Assessment Mapping
aXcelerate Online Assessment Review


  • Review the mapping of each assessment task and their assessment items/criteria or questions as they relate to the unit of competency and its components
  • Hover over assessment item and/or question icons to display the description of the assessment criteria or question being mapped
  • Select different assessment plans to display their related assessment tasks and item mappings (e.g. employment-based, face-to-face or RPL)

Learner Portal

  • Students can take quizzes online and receive instant feedback
  • Students have the ability to easily upload evidence for RPL assessments
  • Students can receive trainer feedback available directly via the portal
  • Students only need to repeat incorrect questions
  • Students can easily review their course progress
aXcelerate Marking

Assessing and Marking

  • Assessors can view assessment instructions, conduct and mark assessments, write notes about assessment outcomes, provide students with feedback and apply their electronic signature to authenticate the assessment
  • Assessors can also capture photo and video evidence and upload against specific assessment criteria
  • Key functions including calendar, courses, students/contacts, tasks, notes and, of course, assessments are all available offline as well as online
  • Assessors can leave feedback for students to review in learner portal

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