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5 important tips for acing your AVETMISS reporting

January 12, 2022

The AVETMISS VET Provider collection window is now open. We know that reporting season can be a stressful and frustrating time. To help get you ready to submit error-free data, we've compiled 5 important tips for AVETMISS reporting. 

1 – Validate AVETMISS with NCVER directly in aXcelerate

It’s no small task to submit an entire year’s worth of data to NCVER. A system that supports reporting and compliance will make it easier.

You can run the full suite of validation rules from NCVER’s AVETMISS Validation Software (AVS) inside aXcelerate. By no longer needing to download NAT files and upload them to NCVER’s portal for final validation, you’ll be able to save time by simply checking the integrity of your records from the same system where those records are stored. Learn more about how to do this here and here.

Additionally, a one system solution makes it easy to find specific data, such as certificate dates and trainers’ public liability, and allows for keeping track of data through functionalities such as dashboard widgets that automatically alert you to any expired documents that need addressing.

2 – Learn how to solve common errors in aXcelerate

When reporting your AVETMISS files for end-of-year reporting, you may experience some errors. These errors will be shown in aXcelerate’s Pre-validation tool for you to resolve after running your report.

We’ve outlined how to troubleshoot AVETMISS report errors in aXcelerate in this support article

3 – Refresh your knowledge with NCVER

NCVER has a great resource page for AVETMISS support that can be found here. This page is great to refer back to to refresh your knowledge on what you need to meet your AVETMISS data reporting requirements, reporting deadlines, and using the AVS, DET and USI Transcript Update Tool. 

4 – Take a break

Staying cool, calm and collected might be easier said than done during reporting season, but making sure you’re looking after yourself is so important. Going for short walks throughout the day, staying hydrated and taking enough breaks are some simple ways to make sure you’re staying energised and focused. 

Or, if you’re like Blair from our Customer Success team, tweeting NCVER asking for chocolate could work too: 

5 – Watch our AVETMISS Webinar

In this webinar, our Onboarding Specialists Charissa and Rowan show how to use aXcelerate’s pre-validation tool to detect and fix your AVETMISS errors. Watch the webinar below.

Bonus 6 – Get the support you need

Getting the unwavering support you need during reporting season is vital to good compliance. It’s important that when you ask for support, it’s given to you in a friendly and timely manner. Other support tools like webinars, how-to videos and help guides are also a great way to learn at your own pace and refer back to when needed.

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