aXcelerate + Ezypay

The complete payment solution for RTOs.
Manage student payments the easy way, in One System.

aXcelerate Finance Vector

Powerful student payment features for your RTO

  • Accept credit card payments, and direct debits
  • Full payment breakdown, including outstanding amounts, final balance, payment methods, and more
  • Create custom payment plans including:
  • Pro-rata direct debit payments, or pay in full
  • Set an initial deposit
  • Set daily, weekly, or monthly billing frequencies
  • Select start date for the plan
  • Outstanding collections report, to identify uncollected payments
aXcelerate Student Work Placements

No more manual payment processing

  • Students can select their own direct debit payment plan, and make an initial payment.
  • Process manual payments in aXcelerate, if needed
  • Automated emails for payment success/failure
  • Fully compliant with data protection laws. Data securely stored by Ezypay
aXcelerate + Ezypay

Automated payment processing with flexible subscription plans, and multiple payment options. All of the direct debit essentials that you need.

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Simplify your student payment processes with Ezypay & aXcelerate,
the complete One System payment solution for RTOs