Easy setup for organisations and learners alike

Differentiate your learner experience by offering students a secure digital backpack for their achievements
Membership Organisations
Enhance member value and streamline processes with a platform that promotes workplace safety and productivity
Universities & TAFEs
Learning Vault’s scalable solution can help complex organisations empower learners in the talent marketplace
Learners can collect, manage, and share their credentials to support their lifelong learning journey

Give learners and employers a premium experience

Ensure your organisation is part of the global trend towards a highly mobile skills-based economy

Boost learner-employer engagement
Empower learners with mobile, tamperproof certificates and licence cards that employers can verify instantly
Move beyond the limits of PDFs
Digital certificates and licence cards offer security, portability, machine-readability, and real-time verification
Future-proof compliance
Learning Vault uses the global standard in W3C and Open Badges 3.0 and is adaptable to future change
Integrate with Google and Apple Wallets
Make lost licences a problem of the past with secure and shareable digital wallet cards

Powerful, innovative, integrated

Learning Vault offers an interoperable ecosystem of tools to support the skills-based economy

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The aXcelerate x Learning Vault integration offers a customisable solution tailored to the needs of your organisation.