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Our Work-based Learning feature is in Open Beta (it’s finally here!)

November 26, 2021

We released our long-anticipated WBL feature in open Beta at the start of December 🎉

We’ve loved seeing many of our Turbo clients trying out the feature and already giving us some great feedback. 

What is the feature all about?

The WBL feature essentially digitises the whole management process of a work placement. Your learners no longer need to remember their paper logbooks and keep them safe, but instead can use an app on their own mobile devices that’s stored securely in the cloud. 

Host employers and supervisors also have their own app where they can easily and efficiently manage their work-based learners without disrupting their busy work schedule. 

And, your administrators and trainers will be able to manage your work-based learning programs all within aXcelerate’s single ecosystem. 

If you’re a Turbo client, you can start using the WBL feature now, found under the Courses tab in aXcelerate. For more information on how to use the feature, view our WBL Help Guide and SHOT videos here.

Join us at our WBL Webinar

We’ll be running a webinar for Turbo clients on 2 February 2022 that is focused on Work-based Learning. Hosted by Katie Mackay, Sales Executive, and joined by Julian Tetsworth and Sam Mackay from our Product Design Team, the webinar will run for 1 hour and will cover:

  • A walk-through of the WBL feature
  • A look at planned functional/usability enhancements for the full feature launch
  • Your feedback on the feature
  • As well as a Q&A segment.

If you’re a Turbo client, your booking link should be in your email inbox. All Turbo clients can start using the WBL feature now. 

Please note that the WBL feature is currently in open Beta. Beta testing allows our team to release a feature and get feedback, but it is important to note that the feature is still a work in progress with more functionality to come. This process is important for us so that we can gain valuable feedback from our clients, their students and their host employers, while focusing on fixing issues and implementing new functionality.

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