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Making the most of our Ideas Forum

May 13, 2021

The aXcelerate Ideas Forum is an area for all aXcelerate clients to provide feedback, suggest new features and improvements, and discuss solutions to specific needs. This feedback helps us to develop aXcelerate in a way that will provide maximum benefit to all clients. In 2021, our Development Team has a focus on usability improvements - and we will be drawing on the ideas contained in the Ideas Forum.

We would love to hear what features you'd like built or system updates you’d like to see. With over 18,000 users, the goal is to make the feedback process as streamlined as possible for both aXcelerate users and our Product Team. 

Before writing your post, ensure you use the Search bar in the forum, as there may already be an existing thread for the same topic/request created by another user. When writing your post, be as specific as possible. By submitting your idea in a detailed way, other aXcelerate users may relate to it and vote for your idea too. The more our Product Team can understand your request, who it’s for, and what the motivation is, the more accurate they can be when it comes time to present it to our Product Management Team for review.

For more information on making the most of our Ideas Forum, please click here.

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