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Breaking down the Beta testing process for Learning Plans

October 19, 2021

With every significant new feature in aXcelerate, our Development Team does an initial Beta release of the feature. A Beta release allows us to gather feedback while conveying to our clients that the feature is still a work in progress with more functionality to come. This process is important for us so that we can gain valuable feedback from users, while focusing on fixing issues and implementing new functionality. 

Here are some of the most significant improvements that were introduced during the Learning Plans Beta:

Learning Plan Reports

  • Reports are now available for Learning Plans. Learning Plan-related fields have been added to the Classes and Class Enrolments reports, while a separate Learning Module Enrolments report has been created. This allows you to have complete oversight of your learners with key analytics and useful data. 

Assessment Submission Element Completion

  • A setting has been introduced that allows Learners to progress through their Learning Plan simply by submitting Assessments. This alleviates the need for learners to need to wait for their Assessment to be marked to access content later in the plan. This is most useful for Assessment types that are not auto-marked and require an assessor to review.

Custom Headings

  • A new setting is available for Heading Elements in a Learning Plan to 'Create a custom Heading'. This disables the use of the typical Heading and Subline format and allows for more extensive editing options. Custom headings extend the creative potential of Learning Plans, assisting trainers to create Learning Plans that are tailored to their learners and training style.

Bulk Update Enrolments & Dates

  • Users can now update Learning Plan enrolments and set Learning Plan Module dates for a class in bulk. The bulk actions available are cancelling and deleting Module enrolments, locking and unlocking Module enrolments, and enrolling students into Modules. Users can filter the assessments by Unit of Competency or Learning Plan Module and search for specific Learners. This functionality allows for greater efficiency when setting up and managing Learning Plan enrolments. 

‘Up Next’ Learner Portal Widget

  • A new Learner Portal System Setting has been added - Show the ‘Up Next' widget. This controls the appearance of the 'Up Next’ preview widget when viewing a Learning Plan or after completing an Assessment or Lesson in the Learner Portal. This helps to clearly prompt the learner to continue to the next step of their Learning Plan. 

Duplication Improvements

  • Clients using Learning Plans can now choose whether to include the learning plan when duplicating a class so that a different Learning Plan can be applied to the new class. A Learning Plan can also have a new qualification applied when duplicating a plan. This allows you to re-use the structure of a Learning Plan for other courses and make authoring easier.

Quick Learning Plan Creation

  • Learning Plans can now be created which use the Qualification as a structure for the Plan content. When using this creation mode, a module will be added for each unit in the Qualification. These modules can be deleted or re-ordered in the Authoring process. This is a highly efficient way of creating the structure of a Learning Plan that you can then build on with ease. 

Module Feedback

  • Learners can now provide feedback against Learning Plan Modules they have completed. The feedback for each enrolment can be viewed using the Learning Plan Feedback view mode in the Class Matrix. This allows you to gain learner feedback with ease to improve quality, learning engagement and learner satisfaction. 

More Editing Control

  • Learning Plan Modules can now be deleted when authoring a Learning Plan that has been published when all Enrolments and Elements within the Module have been removed. We all make mistakes – with Learning Plans, we can delete them. 

Hiding Locked Elements

  • A new Learning Plan setting is now available - Hide Locked Elements. When this setting is enabled, Learners will not be able to see any Elements they have not yet unlocked including within the current Module. Controlling the flow of your learners’ progression with ease is what the Learning Plans feature does best. With locked Elements, you can do this at a more detailed level, creating a highly tailored Plan. 

Accredited Workshop Support

  • When creating a new Accredited Workshop, users can now select a Learning Plan that will be applied to the linked Class. Save time creating Accredited Workshops and include your Learning Plan at the setup stage. 

Ready to get started with Learning Plans? 

Learning Plans are as easy as…

Author your content

Build your Learning Plan

Control the flow of your students’ learning.

Learning Plans is a key LMS feature and is available to aXcelerate Turbo clients.

If you’re interested in upgrading to complete your aXcelerate software package with our Learning Management System, book a meeting with Tom, our friendly Client Engagement Representative. Tom can show you how aXcelerate Turbo can benefit your training organisation by saving you time, money and increasing student engagement and satisfaction.

“Since we’ve been a client of aXcelerate, we’ve found that every month there’s something that’s 100% value-add. It’s just raised the bar of what we can do. 

Learning Plans are something that’s really made everything easier with our delivery, tracking and marking.”

– Bradley Smith, Essential Energy

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