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Unique features of aXcelerate's Turbo product that will make your VSL compliance easier...


  • The aXcelerate TCSI integration facilitates secure access to government services online. Once enabled you can link enrolments, students, campuses and courses plus view notifications and errors. When coupled with our Workflow Automation engine, you will save time and keep on top of your compliance obligations. 
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  • aXcelerate's eCAF integration not only pushes data to the eCAF Portal to create a new loan application, but you can also view the status of an eCAF application without ever leaving our system.
  • Send your student progression emails in bulk from aXcelerate with one click!
  • Naturally, you can also view the status of any student’s progression in real-time too, so if they fail to respond to a progression email they'll immediately show an ‘Expired’ status
aXcelerate Mobile App

Automated VSL Notices

  • Automate your compliance-related communications such as automated Commonwealth Assistance Notices, Invoice notices, Progression emails, and a wide range of other date- or status-triggered notifications and reminders
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Loan Eligibility

  • Internal eligibility check that prevents you from assigning a student a VSL loan until the student is eligible to defer their fees
aXcelerate Assessment Authoring

Customer Testimonials

"Our students find the system easy to navigate, the trainers state the self-marking tool for multiple choice – single choice questions assists greatly, and the formatting of the portal allows for ease of marking for the short answer questions. I am truly impressed with how easy the system was to populate, to bring online and how easy our students and trainers find it to use. Could not ask for more."
Peter - SPASA Australia
"I value aXcelerate for allowing a panel of selected users to have an enormous influence in creation of the Online Assessment tool - I can vouch for the fact that the ability for it to map tasks to units of competency at a deep granular level is a significant differentiator. It is a tremendous time saver when it comes time to audit!"
Chris - Site Skills Training

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