Financial Management

Get complete financial control with payment processing and custom reporting

Invoicing and Templates

  • Choose from a range of invoicing options including self-service online enrolments with credit card facility
  • Generate invoices, payments, credit notes, refunds, partial transactions...all with ease!
  • Choose to invoice clients on a per course, per student, per unit or per hour basis
  • Simplify invoicing for corporate clients by creating running invoices covering multiple services
  • Use aXcelerate’s inbuilt finance templates for invoices, receipts, credit notes, etc. or tailor your own to suit your branding
  • Provide greater payment flexibility by sending an invoice payment link directly via email
Tax Invoice

Quick access to each contact's financial history

  • Gain complete visibility of your client’s financial status
  • Hover over the ‘related transaction’ link to view payments related to invoices
  • Use the handy view options to view grouped transaction types: invoices, payments, credits, refunds, ledger view by date including voided or draft invoices or outstanding items only
  • Quickly drill down to see the transaction detail of finance item
aXcelerate Contact Ledger

Save time with Finance Models

  • Create finance models to handle a range of complex funding arrangements involving a government component, student tuition fees, employer contribution, JSA or agency contributions
  • Create multiple finance models for the one qualification to cater for concessions, partial funding and variations in student tuition fees
  • Configure models based on either a percentage to be paid by each funder or a set rate per course, per unit or per nominal hour of training
  • You can also add additional billing items such as amenities and materials fees to save time when invoicing
aXcelerate Finance Models

Payment Plans + Automation

  • aXcelerate provides a cost-effective solution to create and offer payment plans to your students
  • Payment plans can be created for your qualifications based on your specific business requirements
  • Configure your payment plan rules based on course enrolment, commencement or completion dates or number of weeks or months after these dates
  • When enrolling students, selected payment plans automatically calculate payments dates
  • When combined with workflow automation, invoices will automatically be sent to students
aXcelerate Payment Plans

Discounts for short courses

  • Create different types of discounts including contact category, concession, early bird, group booking, membership, organisation and/or promo code
  • Enable discounts to be stand alone or combined with other discounts
  • Choose from discounts based on a percentage off the standard price, a set flat rate or a dollar amount off the standard price
  • Easily incorporate discounts as part of your online enrolments* experience for your clients
  • *Requires aXcelerate’s Online Enrolments feature
aXcelerate Finance Discounts

Agents Comissions

  • Setup default commission rates for your agents but have the flexibility to vary rates at time of course enrolment
  • Flag which invoice items attract commissions and which don’t
  • Track agent’s commission payments to ensure an agent payment is never missed
  • Generate agent commission reports with summaries of total commissions paid, commissions due and much more
  • Provide agents with their own self-service portal where they can enter student data and relevant uploads, enrol students into selected courses and run reports on student progress and payments of commissions
aXcelerate Agent Commission

Financial Reporting

  • Stay on top of all your finances with industry leading financials reporting
  • Maintain full control of your debtors with our customisable Aged Receivables report
  • Easily reconcile your payments against statements by filtering on a range of fields including payment and processing methods
  • Produce and send client statements either manually or scheduled automatically* for a time period (e.g. monthly)
  • Combine with workflow automation to automatically send statements to clients on a scheduled basis
  • * All automations require the Workflow Automation feature
aXcelerate Finance Reporting

Payment integrations

Choose from a range of payments solutions providers to facilitate one-off credit card payments to instalment payment plans using credit card or direct bank debits to suit your needs.

Finance data export

  • Export your finance data to popular accounting packages including Xero, MYOB AccountRight and Quickbooks
  • Increase access to key invoicing and payment status information to improve client responsiveness
  • Reduce time and effort associated with managing your finance process flows and reporting

Simplify your finance management with aXcelerate,
the complete One System solution for RTOs

Customer Testimonials

"If you are not using aXcelerate’s Workflow Automation feature, you are missing out on some real efficiencies for your business.  We first started using workflow automations back in 2016 with one purpose in mind.  Now we literally have dozens and dozens of workflow reports being sent to inboxes of all levels of training staff, administration, co-ordinators and senior management.

The possibilities are endless. If there is anything you need to track, or regular task that you do, create a workflow and the work is done for you, all delivered to your inbox when or how often you choose. Great thing is workflows are easy to edit too if you want to change them in any way.

You can also build workflows to assist with AVETMISS reporting.  Can be as simple as getting a report showing a learner has started but ‘Do not report to AVETMISS’ is still ticked.  (You’ll never miss that reporting deadline again.)

They can track learner progress:  For example we have workflows sent to a trainer which indicates which learners should have completed a unit but are still CA.  Boom!  Here’s all your learners with outstanding units!   How easy is that for a trainer?  Coordinators also receive the same report for all their trainers keeping them well informed.

Our Auditor was super impressed; Workflows from a compliance control perspective gets a big tick!

In a nutshell, workflow automation allows us to monitor and report on many areas of the business, AVETMISS reporting, compliance and learner progress. Workflows have become imperative part of how we operate.  Front of mind now is “how can a workflow make this easier or more efficient?”

They may appear complex at first but I am now able to jump on and create them with ease.

As an organisation with multiple locations across states we are massive users and fans of workflow automation and encourage other clients to speak to aXcelerate about how workflows can assist them.”

Marita - Albury Wodonga Community College
“We use workflows to communicate via email and SMS to our students details about their workshops, deadlines and requesting course feedback. We also use workflows in the same way to communicate to our trainers plus reminders of key tasks or reports for our administrators.
Workflows minimises administration tasks/time allowing us to concentrate on the most important thing – supporting our students. If we can automate a task, we use workflows in aXcelerate.”

Renee - Breathe Education
“Automation is a key component of our RTO. Automation allows us to spend less time clicking buttons and more time interacting with our students. We’re a massive supporter of automation and are always looking for opportunities to expand our usage.”

Calvin - Strategix