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Information Security

aXcelerate is certified against ISO27001:2013. We are committed to the continuous optimisation of our information security.

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aXcelerate ISO27001 Information Security Certified

Certificate of Registration

aXcelerate prides itself on the security of its business processes, application and data management and is certified against ISO27001:2013, an international standard for Information Security Management.

aXcelerate’s Information Security Policy

aXcelerate is committed to the continuous optimisation of its information security performance for all stakeholders. In providing services to our clients, aXcelerate has access to their information and we expect that all employees and contractors working with aXcelerate have a clear understanding of their information security obligations. 

As a developer of software, aXcelerate is committed to industry standards throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and the incorporation of information security into each phase of this lifecycle.  We are committed to understanding our individual client’s needs for our software and we will ensure that information security is a key element of this and our ongoing client servicing.

To assist us in assuring our information security performance, aXcelerate is committed to the maintenance and continual improvement of our Information Security Management System (ISMS) to ensure that it’s capable of meeting owners’, clients’ and legal requirements for information security. To achieve this end, aXcelerate is fully committed to the recruiting and skilling of its staff to deliver information security outcomes that are consistent with industry standards and expectations. aXcelerate also commits to maintaining the certificate of registration against ISO27001 for its ISMS. 

The purpose of aXcelerate’s ISMS and this policy is to achieve the following overall objectives:

aXcelerate's Data Breach Policy

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Data Breach Policy
aXcelerate ISO availabilityaXcelerate ISO confidentialityaXcelerate ISO Integrity


Ensuring that information is both accessible and usable upon demand by an authorised party


Ensuring that information is not made available or disclosed to unauthorised individuals, entities or processes


Maintaining the consistency, accuracy, and trustworthiness of information over its entire life cycle

aXcelerate ISO27001:2013aXcelerate ISO27001:2013, our decisionAligning with aXcelerate ISO27001:2013

What is ISO27001:2013

ISO27001 is part of the ISO27000 certification family and provides requirements for an information security management system to enable organisations to manage the security of information, assets and those who have been entrusted with such information and assets.

Why did we choose ISO27001:2013

aXcelerate has always taken a proactive approach to managing information security. The adoption of controls outlined in ISO27001 provides us, our employees, regulators and clients the confidence that information security risks are adequately managed in line with industry best practices.

What are the benefits of aligning with ISO27001:2013 business?

By utilising aXcelerate, you can be assured that related information security risks that may affect your business are managed accordingly.

aXcelerate ISO27001 Certified Organisation

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Certificate here