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New USI Authentication System

February 28, 2020

The AUSkey USI Authentication system shuts down at the end of March, and is being replaced by the Cloud Authentication & Authorisation (CAA) system. This means that to continue verifying your USIs, you’ll need to make some system changes in aXcelerate.

The new CAA system is currently available in the live environment. To avoid disrupting your business, it’s critical that you configure the new CAA system now.

Before you can configure the new system in aXcelerate, you’ll need the following:

How to configure the new CAA system

To enable the CAA system in aXcelerate: 

  1. Visit the RTO/VET Settings tab in your system settings
  2. Find the “USI Integration” section, and change the “Authentication” dropdown to “CAA via RAM” (see screenshot below). Note: the ABN is correctly linked to "The Verner-Mackay Group" rather than "aXcelerate"
  3. Log into RAM, and follow these instructions to authorise aXcelerate
USI integration

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