Disabling support for TLS 1.1

November 13, 2019

aXcelerate is disabling support for the TLS 1.1 encryption protocol from Monday December 16th, 2019. This will prevent TLS 1.1 connections from accessing aXcelerate, both directly and through external integrations.

​​​​What is TLS?

Transport Layer Security is a protocol that keeps data private and accurate when being sent between applications. It’s the most common security protocol, used for web browsers and other apps that require data to be securely exchanged over a network. TLS helps to keep aXcelerate’s API safe.

How will clients be impacted?

You won’t be affected if you’re using a modern (or recently updated) internet browser.

After TLS 1.1 support is disabled, any inbound or outbound connections to aXcelerate that use TLS 1.1 will fail. This includes the Learner Portal, Trainer App, Online Enrolment Process, any custom API integrations, and the main aXcelerate app.

The protocol is already disabled in the aXcelerate staging environment, and has been for 2019. If you’ve had no issues connecting to the staging environment directly or through external integrations, this change shouldn’t affect you. 

If supported encryption protocols have been disabled, or if you’re using an unsupported browser, you and your users may have problems accessing aXcelerate.

We support these internet browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer version 11

How can clients avoid service disruption?

This depends on which parts of aXcelerate you’re using.

If you’re using an unsupported internet browser, you may need to change some settings in the browser, or switch to a browser that we support.

If you have a custom API integration, check that your TLS version and security protocols are up to date. If you can connect to our staging environment, the live environment should work.

Why is this happening?

Trust is a H.E.A.R.T value that permeates through our business. The TLS 1.2 protocol offers better security, so our customers can trust that their information is safe.

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