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Have you tried our new Learning Plans?

May 13, 2021

Delivering online learning and assessment with a highly engaging learner experience has never been easier. The newest aXcelerate feature, Learning Plans, is available now to our Turbo clients! The feature is currently in what’s called ‘Open Beta’, which allows us to provide the feature to our existing Turbo clients while testing it among a wide user base with unique use-case scenarios to help us improve the feature over time. 

Learning Plans offer a combination of self-driven learning and/or schedule-based progression while keeping learning and assessments in sync with key unit and course dates. This ensures that your learners will be guided to competency through a seamless step-by-step process. And, there’s plenty of space to add a creative touch along the way! 

To find out more about Learning Plans click here, or to watch our recent webinar on the feature, click here

If you use aXcelerate Standard and want to find out more about upgrading to Turbo, allowing you to gain access to features such as Learning Plans, please book a time with Tom in Client Engagement to show you what it’s all about!

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