Switching has never been easier

Advanced data migration methods make moving to
aXcelerate easier than ever...

In today's information world, your data is your most precious business asset.

  • Data migration requirements consultation
  • Data analysis
  • Common data set validation
  • Data migrations to your own dedicated sandbox/testing account,
    totally secure in the Amazon Cloud
  • Data verification and validation process support for the client
  • Full client visibility of the data migration process with our online
    project management software
  • Timely email notifications regarding the status of your data migration
  • Personalized communication for your dedicated - aXcelerate data
    migration professional
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We'll take special care of your data.

Data imports

  • Standard contacts
  • Standard AVETMISS (using NAT files)
  • Standard student, course and unit data (using aXcelerate's data spreadsheet template)
  • Non-standard course and unit data