Custom Development Terms

aXcelerate’s commitment is to provide the highest level of functionality and features for as many users of aXcelerate as possible. aXcelerate aims to meet the majority of aXcelerate customer’s requirements but also realises that there will be ongoing requirement for new features and changes to aXcelerate which are more specific to a handful of clients.

In the event that you require an enhancement, improvement or new feature to be developed in aXcelerate there are two options:

Ideas Forum: Post a question or idea in the Ideas Forum in the Support Centre (accessed from the Help menu in aXcelerate); These suggestions are periodically reviewed and implemented free of charge; or

Submit a request: Submit a request in the Support Centre; A request for a new feature or enhancement made through a support ticket will be treated as a billable Custom Development request.

Where you submit a new feature request and you are willing to pay, you must first submit a request from the Support Centre: there are no exceptions to this condition.

You will need to provide aXcelerate with sufficient details about your requested feature including but not limited to:

  1. A business requirements specification of what the new feature needs to be able to do with reference to the actor(s)/user(s) who will be using the new feature;
  2. A mock-up drawing of what the user interface will look like after the new feature has been developed;
  3. A mock-up Excel spreadsheet or equivalent of a report format that is expected (for new reports or enhancements to existing reports); or
  4. Any other information that would reasonably be expected to enable aXcelerate to provide a quotation of the requested feature.

For all Custom Development requests, aXcelerate will issue a fixed-price quotation and a scope of work for the enhancement(s) to be developed.

All Custom Development enhancements implemented in aXcelerate will be made available to all current and future aXcelerate customers.

Custom Development requests less than 20 hours:

Where the Custom Development request is estimated by aXcelerate to be less than 20 hours, aXcelerate will provide you with a quotation via the Support system. If you want to proceed with the Custom Development work, you must approve the quotation in writing in the related Support request ticket. Upon your approval to proceed, you will be provided with an estimated start date for your Custom Development work.

Whilst it is aXcelerate’s intent to commence all work by the target start date, aXcelerate shall not guarantee any Custom Development start dates due to factors that may be beyond our control (e.g. additional compliance requirements by the Government pushes back the target start date ahead of lower priority Custom Development work), nor shall there be any penalties levied for non-delivery by a planned release date. When the scheduled start date for your Custom Development work has arrived, aXcelerate will invoice you for 50% of the approved quoted amount. aXcelerate will not commence your Custom Development work until this initial payment has been received.

Custom Development requests of 20 hours or greater:

For Custom Development projects of 20 hours or greater, aXcelerate will require a detailed business requirements specification to be provided by you for the purpose of scoping and estimating the time and cost for the Custom Development requirement. In this case, based on aXcelerate’s experience with similar Custom Development requests, aXcelerate will initially provide you with a ‘ball park’ estimate of costs involved to undertake the Custom Development project. you will need to approve the ‘ball park’ estimate prior to aXcelerate proceeding to the next stage of creating a formal Statement of Work document. The Statement of Work document provides you with a formal quotation for your requested Custom Development project.

You will need to agree to pay for the creation of the Statement of Work document including business requirements analysis, data mapping, process flow design, time- and cost-estimating, project management and any other professional service(s) required to deliver on your specified Custom Development project regardless of whether or not you approve the quotation once the Statement of Work document has been completed. 

If you decide not to proceed with the Custom Development project once the Statement of Work document and quotation has been completed, aXcelerate will provide you with a refund for the difference between the 50% initial payment and the amount covering the time and materials to create the Statement of Work document.

If you decide to approve the Statement of Work document and quotation, you will need to sign and date the Statement of Work document, upload a scanned copy of the document to the related Support request ticket and then notify aXcelerate of your approval in the related Support request ticket. aXcelerate will not commence any Custom Development work if approval is provided via any other means (e.g. verbally or email) than the Support request ticket. 

After aXcelerate receives your approval to proceed with the Custom Development as outlined in the Statement of Work document, you will be notified in the Support request ticket of the planned Custom Development start date, planned release to Staging account date and planned release to Live account date. aXcelerate cannot guarantee the delivery of any Custom Development features by a specified date nor shall there be any penalties levied upon aXcelerate for non-delivery by a client’s planned release date.

User Acceptance Testing:

Upon the release of the new feature in your Staging account, you will be notified via the Support Centre ticket that the new feature is ready for User Acceptance Testing in your Staging account. As this stage of the development process is close to the completion of the project, you will be invoiced for a milestone payment of 40% of the originally quoted Statement of Works amount. you will have seven (7) days to test the new feature and provide your feedback to the development team via the Support request ticket.

If you provide feedback within the prescribed seven (7) day period and further development work is required, so long as this development work is within the scope of the original Statement of Work, this work will be scheduled and completed as soon as practicable. you will be notified when the additional work has been completed and is ready for testing again in your Staging account. Once you have accepted the satisfactory completion of the Custom Development work as tested in your Staging account, aXcelerate will schedule the release of the new feature to your Live account.


Change Requests:

Any requested changes that are not identified in the original Statement of Work document, or are other than to correct a bug with existing specified functionality, will be treated as a request for modification of the Statement of Work and will be processed as a Change Request. All Change Requests are scoped and quoted separately. You will need to approve all Change Requests via the related Support request ticket. Once you have approved a Change Request and its’ associated cost, aXcelerate will schedule the change request to be developed as soon as is practicable. All Change Requests are developed on a time and materials basis at the current development rate per hour.


Completion of custom development work and release to live:

Upon successful completion of the new feature and release to your live account, you will have five (5) business days to notify aXcelerate of any additional corrections which need to be made with reference to the Statement of Work document after which period the Custom Development work will be deemed to have been completed. you will then be invoiced for the remaining 10% of the value of the project or the balance of fees outstanding where additional Change Requests have been added as well.

Validity period for Custom Development quotation:

A custom development quotation will remain valid for 30 calendar days from the date of issuance. Once 30 calendar days have passed, this request will need to be reviewed which may result in a change to the scope of work or quoted cost.


Custom Development quotation limitations:

aXcelerate will only process new Custom Development quotations where no more than one (1) Custom Development quotation that is currently being processed or has been rejected by you exist within the previous 12-month period. Custom Development requests will only be considered for aXcelerate Turbo (not Standard) accounts.


aXcelerate’s responsibilities in relation to custom development work:

  1. Participating in any establishment, project planning and scoping meetings required to define the business objectives, requirements and technical specification of the integration; If requested by the Client, aXcelerate will also lead an integration project and also take on the responsibility for (and the time taken) for the following project management activities:
  • Convening/organising all project meetings
  • Preparing the agenda for all project meetings
  • Facilitating project meetings
  • Ensuring all actions that need to be taken by project stakeholders are documented and distributed within one day of the project meeting
  • Providing regular reports on project progress/status to all key project stakeholders
  • Any other project-related activities as agreed between aXcelerate and the Client
  1. Development of a ‘ball park’ estimate of fees prior to providing a full scope of work document so that the Client can make a partially informed decision.
  2. Development and supply of a full Statement of Works document which may include one or more of the following depending on the nature of the custom development work:
  • Name and key objectives of the project
  • List of key stakeholders in the project
  • Roles and responsibilities of each of the project stakeholders
  • Detailed scope of the project including the deliverables
  • Project milestones and estimated delivery timeframes (not actual dates)
  • Development of feature test plans and success criteria so all stakeholders will know what ‘success’ and ‘completion’ means
  • Project costs and payment terms
  • Project risks and strategies to mitigate
  • Project references and contacts
  1. Communication regarding the progress of the custom software development process to all key stakeholders on an as agreed basis.
  2. Participation in Client engagement meetings required to develop initial design concepts.
  3. Development of initial design mockups and prototypes required for Client feedback.
  4. Conducting further Client engagement meetings to obtain feedback regarding software designs.
  5. Development of the software as per the design specification.
  6. Testing of the software against the design specifications.
  7. Conducting further Client engagement meetings to obtain feedback regarding the software that has been developed.
  8. Incorporating the Client feedback into development revisions prior to gaining further feedback from the Client regarding revisions.
  9. Notifications of when software is ready for Client usability testing and acceptance, how to access the correct testing environment and clear instructions on how to test the new feature(s).
  10. Collaboration and cooperation with any third parties involved with the custom development project as required to successfully complete the project.
  11. Ensuring the security of Client or third-party data or intellectual property.

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