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Work-Based Learning

An end-to-end digital solution for managing work placements is here
WBL is turned on in open Beta for Turbo clients, access it via the Courses menu in aXcelerate now
aXcelerate Work-based Learning

Powering RTOs for the Future

aXcelerate Clients

The last piece of the learning journey is now digitised

A modern, non-paper-based process is here and it’s part of your existing aXcelerate ecosystem.

Work smarter

Gain better oversight and insight into your enrolments. WBL works seamlessly with our SMS and LMS features giving you more control over your learners’ entire journey.
WBL Compliance Icon

Work faster

Be more efficient with a digitised process. You can reduce double entry, automate workflows and activate leaner self-service.
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Attract learners and host employers

Be the training provider of choice. Offer a modern, streamlined experience host employers and learners will choose.
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Get ahead

Stay ahead of the game when it comes to managing your work-based learning compliance.

Learner App

A better learner experience.

Give your learners the opportunity to create their own work placement story in real-time, while you easily monitor their progress and feel secure that the compliance aspect is covered.
Mobile—Let your learners self-manage evidence capture (photo, video, audio) in real-time on their own device, even when it’s offline
Centralised information—Set your learners up for success with all the details they need at their fingertips
Work-based Learning Students
Work-based Learning Trainers

Supervisor App

A better supervisor experience.

Let supervisors focus on what’s important to you—your learners—with an easy to use App that centralises information and streamlines their processes. 
Mobile—Review logbook entries, approve evidence, mark attendance and provide feedback at a time and place that suits them, even offline
Centralised information—Provide easy access to visiting learner information, reducing the need for back and forth communication that can lead to miscommunication

Trainers & Admins

A better admin and trainer experience.

Work smarter and faster. The WBL feature works seamlessly within your aXcelerate ecosystem to digitise and simplify a traditional process.
Compliant—Streamline compliance and eliminate lost evidence with a digital logbook
One-time set-up—Map Activities to Qualifications and Units of Competency, and create reusable presets
Automated—Set-up workflows and generate documents
Centralised information—View learner and placement details, and monitor learner progress all in one place
Mobile—Reduce your trainers’ time on the road with evidence capture self-managed by learners on their own phone.
Work-based Learning Employers

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Ready to get started?

It’s easy. Turbo clients can use this feature now in open Beta, for free, via the Courses menu. 
Access our Help Guides and SHOTs for a step-by-step process to start managing your placements online today.
As always, our Customer Success Team are on standby to answer any of your questions.

What is open Beta?
WBL is in an open Beta release that lets you fully utilise the feature while providing us with real-world feedback before we do a full launch in mid-2022. Come on the journey with us. Start using the WBL feature today to help make it the best it can be. 
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