Our team & our work.

We are dedicated to providing the best solutions to the education industry.


We pride ourselves on working with H.E.A.R.T. – honesty, empathy, acceptance, respect, and trust. Our dedication to service begins before you even start using aXcelerate, with a thoughtful and detailed assessment of your business requirements.

Setup and Training

We believe that a comprehensive implementation and training program is the bedrock of a healthy business relationship. That’s why we have a dedicated team of specialist aXcelerate Implementers, ready and waiting to guide you through using all aspects of the system, so you can get the most out of aXcelerate.


We provide a software solution for RTOs, training organisations, and enterprises. Our innovative student management system is run entirely from the cloud. The system intuitively handles all aspects of running an Australian training organisation and ensures that users are compliant with government standards such as AVETMISS and USI.

Ongoing Support

We aim to deliver a level of service that is unmatched in the industry, with a responsive phone and Internet support system, video tutorials and regular webinars to help you get through any hurdles, as quickly as possible. When you do business with us, we’ll take care of you.

We work with…
  • Honesty
  • Empathy
  • Acceptance
  • Respect
  • Trust

Leadership Team

Reay Mackay

Managing Director

Reay is the managing director of aXcelerate and is in charge of the company’s strategic direction.

Julie Verner Mackay


Julie is the founding director of aXcelerate and parent company VM Learning.

Andrew Murphy

Operations Manager

Andrew is in charge of daily operations at aXcelerate and oversees the Client Service, Implementation, Development and Support teams.

Corporate Services Team

Tracey Benussi

Finance Bookkeeper

Tracey manages all bookkeeping activities including client account processing, accounts payable and all aspects of tax compliance and reporting.

Claire Jordan

HR Manager

Claire is responsible for the operational and strategic delivery of HR services and support to staff, executives and management.

Sales & Marketing Team

Chris Verner

Business Development Manager

Chris oversees the client acquisition process at aXcelerate and oversees the Sydney office.

David Kuczynski

Business Development

David is based in Sydney and is responsible for sales and business development activities.

Tom Chalmers

Marketing Team Leader

Tom oversees the marketing of aXcelerate. Tom is responsible for the management of marketing communications, branding, market research, SEO and digital design.

Samuel Mackay

Graphic Web Designer

Samuel assists in both Marketing and Development at aXcelerate. Samuel is responsible for the aXcelerate corporate website, client demonstration websites and aids with UI/UX development within the aXcelerate system.

Sascha Kenny

VET eXpress Marketing

Sascha is responsible for the research and writing of aXcelerate’s industry newsletter and blog: VET eXpress.

Integrations and Data Team

Meeta Doolabh

Integration Solutions Manager

Meeta is in charge of integration solutions including website integrations, project scoping and delivery.

Rob Bisson

Software Engineer

Rob oversees the development of the aXcelerate mobile platform and all integrations for WordPress websites.

Jacob Lehr

Data Migration Specialist

Jacob is responsible for all data migration activity at aXcelerate including ongoing data migration tooling development.

Implementation Team

Caroline Jones

Implementation Team Leader

Caroline is responsible for leading the Implementation team to ensure the successful implementation for each new aXcelerate client and the ongoing development of implementation and training systems.

Katrina Sorbello

aXcelerate Implementer

Katrina (‘Kat’) is part of the implementation team at aXcelerate and assists in ensuring the successful implementation of each new aXcelerate client. She also coordinates the aXcelerate Partner Program.

Nicole Phillips

aXcelerate Implementer

Nicole is part of the implementation team at aXcelerate and assists in ensuring the successful implementation of each new aXcelerate client.

Client Success Team

Katie Mackay

Client Success Manager

Katie manages client success activities including client reviews, training and support coordination and client issue management.

Ayden Downey

Client Success Representative

Ayden is responsible for a range of client service activities including client reviews, support and training coordination, client issue tracking and overall client satisfaction.

Emily Harris

Client Success Coordinator

Emily looks after communication to key stakeholders including publication of HEARTbeat, client engagement and events, client satisfaction surveying and reporting.

Development Team

Michael Ryan

Development Manager

Michael manages the software development team including database development, systems administration, quality assurance and testing.

Jade Steffenson

Product Manager

Jade leads the product management at aXcelerate. He is responsible for product roadmap planning and works closely with the development team to deliver new features and improvements.

Nathan Gordon

Software Engineer

Nathan is a software engineer at aXcelerate. Nathan oversees the development of the system’s Integrated eLearning features.

Scott O’Connell

Software Engineer

Scott is a software engineer at aXcelerate. Scott oversees the development of the system-wide automation capabilities.

Support Team

Rowan Carley

Support Team Leader

Rowan leads the client support team and provides second level support to aXcelerate clients and contributes to client service improvement projects.

Ty Kennedy

Client Support Representative

Ty provides second level support to aXcelerate clients and contributes to client service improvement projects.

Finn Jones

Client Support Representative

Finn works at aXcelerate under the company’s traineeship program. Finn provides first level technical and account support

Blair Barnet

Client Support Representative

Blair works at aXcelerate under the company’s traineeship program. Blair provides first level technical and account support.