aXcelerate EnterpriseRTO

A solution for RTOs within organisations.

Course Management

Managing students and clients has never been easier. Set up & schedule face-to-face, e-learning or blended courses and get fast access to all relevant employee, course and status information.

Accredited Training

Get in control of all requirements of accredited training. Direct web service links to allow you to quickly and easily keep your registration scope current. AVETMISS rules within aXcelerate alert you when competency status/date mismatches occur.

Learner Portal

Employees can access and manage all aspects of their learning and see all mandatory training at a glance. They also have the ability to enter information relating to licenses, memberships and registrations.

Administration and Finance

Powerful home screen dashboards allow you to quickly see the information that matters. Simplify and streamline your back-end administration with user set up, skills and skill groups, organisational structure and reporting frameworks.

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Enterprise RTOs meet aXcelerate.

aXcelerate Enterprise RTO has been built to serve the needs of RTOs within larger organisations. Companies can power ahead with their internal training and be confident that government regulations and reporting requirements are being fulfilled.

Trusted by enterprises and RTOs across a range of industries, aXcelerate includes a comprehensive set of features including full document/resource facilities, the ability to upload and create links to training-related documents, and fluid systems integrations.

The system also includes layered professional development plans, workplace activities logging and scheduling for trainers, a trainer portal for access to scheduled visits, email reminder capabilities, quality indicators reporting, learner engagement and employer satisfaction surveys, linking of quality improvement tasks to relevant goals, controlled management access to direct reports learning records, and more.

LMS Integration

Integrate with other Learning Management Systems to access e-Learning content. Dynamic integration means that course changes in aXcelerate can be reflected automatically in the third party LMS.

RTO Compliance

Let aXcelerate take the worry out of audit time with a range of in-built compliance features. Quality Indicators Reporting, USI and AVETMISS Reporting, and a host more are built deep into the system.

Manage every aspect of your RTO from the cloud.

Let your trainers do their best work, wherever it is their work takes place. aXcelerate is accessible via any web device, including mobile devices and tablets. A custom-designed mobile application lets trainers get to the information they need, fast.

aXcelerate Mobile has smart features that make handling students more efficient.

  • Create enrolments and display unit progress
  • Send booking confirmations to students
  • Make phone calls and send emails to contacts

Connect aXcelerate to your website.

Let your learners book onto courses on their own terms. Integrate your website with aXcelerate to display your course offering, take bookings and process payments – saving yourself valuable admin time.

Automate your administration work.

Dramatically increase your productivity with aXcelerate’s workflow engine. Automate common operational tasks such as email or SMS communication, and create schedules for recurring tasks.

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