Accredited Short Courses are the bread and butter of many RTOs and we’ve got you covered with these amazing features:

aXcelerate Short Course Management Features

CRM & Contact Management

Class-leading CRM capability to capture and manage all your most important client ‘moments’:

  • Capture all activities with contacts including mailouts, user notes and contact-related interactions
  • Quickly search for any activity using multiple keyword string search
  • Send bulk emails to contacts by category, industry group, post code range, specialised mail merge group or attendance in a course type
  • Create follow ups for contacts to reconnect on committed dates
  • Prevent duplicate client details with contact auto-detect
  • Capture enquiries as leads, convert to opportunities and then close!
aXcelerate Short Course Bulk Duplicate

Bulk everything

Manage high volumes of courses and learners with ease and save time with bulk task processing:

  • Bulk create multiple instances of a short course in minutes
  • Bulk update course instances in seconds
  • Bulk email your students and clients with booking confirmations, certificates, and more
  • Bulk mark your student’s attendance and course completions
  • Bulk actions to save bulk time!
aXcelerate Short Course Management Features

Save time with an array of short course management features

  • Managed both your public or in-house/corporate courses for specific clients
  • Manage all short course logistics including the trainer(s), venue, room, equipment, trainer travel, accommodation, fees, contracts and more
  • Easily handle changes to course bookings including moves to the same course at another time/place, move to another course, waitlist, tentative or cancellation
  • Total control to see what tasks are overdue for which courses and by whom
  • Dynamically generate emails/print documents with embedded database fields
  • Course log provides an audit trail of all actions/changes by user and date

Accredited short course tools to make your life easier

  • Easily track learner attendance, assessments and completions of units
  • Issue your student’s statements of attainment at the click of a button
  • Course administrators and/or trainers/assessors can have access to online submitted assessments for marking
  • View colour-coded matrix showing summary of student unit competency status
  • Bulk change of unit of competency status
  • Bulk change unit of competency status and start and end dates
  • * The Online Assessments feature is part of aXcelerate Turbo
aXcelerate attendance marking
aXcelerate Calendar

Highly flexible scheduling with our unique calendaring system

  • Display all scheduled courses, appointments and date-related tasks on a single colour-coded calendar view
  • Apply filters on your calendar based on event type, user, domain (e.g. campus or department), training category, coordination type, rooms or equipment
  • Create custom calendar ‘views’ then name and save them to quickly switch between different custom views
  • Custom define, at the user level, the fields of data that are required to be displayed on the calendar for each view that has been configured
  • Drag and drop events and the underlying event data is updated in the course/event including changing dates and times
aXcelerate attendance marking

Simply a better way to manage your short course finances

  • Set your pricing per short course type, per day, per session, per person or per group + per person booking rates
  • Manage all invoicing, payments, credit notes, refunds, statements, receivables and more
  • Offer a range of different discounts for your short courses including organisation-based, group bookings, early bird, category or membership type, promo code
  • Quickly view the invoice payment status and history of any student
  • Create professional looking finance documents using custom templates
  • Simple and advanced search capabilities for all financial transactions
  • Process secure credit card payments either via your website or within aXcelerate*
  • Create export files* to MYOB, Quickbooks or MS Dynamics GP (*optional fees apply)
  • *Optional fees apply for aXcelerate’s Online Enrolments feature
aXcelerate Learner Portal

Deliver a great learning experience to your students via the Learner Portal

Students can...

  • View their enrolled course details
  • View course-related or general announcements
  • Update their contact details and password
  • Access learning resources including eLearning, assessments as well as any other course- and non-course-related information
  • Pay course fees (coming soon)
aXcelerate Online Enrolments

Capturing your course enrolments online is a breeze*

  • Browse courses by category or provide your website visitors with a comprehensive course search feature
  • Website visitors will be able to view your course overview information and either make an enquiry or enrol in a course
  • All enquiries or enrolments flow directly into aXcelerate saving you time and effort
  • Enable website visitors to enrol in their course and pay securely by credit card
  • Automatically send course booking confirmations with an attached tax invoice/receipt as well as a notification of the enrolment to your nominated staff
  • *Optional fees apply for aXcelerate’s Online Enrolments feature
aXcelerate Learner Portal

Personalise your customer's experience through beautifully tailored templates

  • Send professional-looking emails with aXcelerate’s pre-built email and certificate templates and then tailor them to suit your brand
  • Choose from hundreds of standard merge data fields and add your own custom fields to suit your business’ specific needs
  • You can use templates for course booking confirmations, welcome letters, reminders, notifications and follow ups
  • Easily send email templates to one or more students in a course or create a range of workflows to automatically* send emails and notifications based on your specific business rules and conditions
  • Ensure full control of your training business by tracking all your contact-related activity and communication in one central notes function
  • *Automations require the Workflow Automation feature available in aXcelerate Turbo
aXcelerate mobile app

Save your trainer/assessors time by going mobile

  • Increase your trainer/assessor’s productivity significantly with the most comprehensive mobile app for VET practitioners
  • Enable your trainers to quickly view what’s on today and drill into each event to get further course details
  • Trainers can check course notes, get map directions to their course delivery location and see a list of all their students and their status
  • Efficiently capture attendance data through ultra-quick marking and recording functions
  • Trainers can also easily add new students to course lists on the fly
  • Trainers & Assessors can assess students in real time both online and offline with practical observation checklists
aXcelerate Learner Portal

Offer blended or full eLearning to your students

  • Create SCORM-compliant eLearning content using Articulate Rise as your fully responsive authoring tool
  • Students can then access their eLearning either via aXcelerate’s Learner Portal or their mobile phone
  • Provide either stand-alone eLearning courses or combine with face to face learning
  • Monitor your student’s progress and completions of specific eLearning modules
  • Cut down on manual and repetitive tasks with online self-marking quizzes
  • Online Self-Marking Quiz (with ‘build-on-attempts’ meaning students can just reattempt questions they got wrong)
  • Incorporate practical observation checklists so your trainers can assess students using aXcelerate’s online/offline Trainer App
aXcelerate Online Enrolments

No need for SurveyMonkey with our integrated survey tool

  • Create beautiful online surveys to support your learning programs
  • Incorporate a variety of question types and custom options in your surveys
  • You can display your survey results graphically and in real time
  • Use the survey tool for course evaluations, client satisfaction, learning needs and more!
aXcelerate Quality Goals

Keep track of all your quality improvement actions

  • Record quality improvement/corrective actions and track through to completion
  • Convert post-course survey feedback directly to quality improvement actions
  • Link a number of quality-improvement tasks to its related goal or sub-goal
  • View/print a register of all pending and closed out quality improvement actions
  • Sort/filter quality improvement goals and tasks by owner, category and status to ensure your quality improvement initiatives stay on track!
aXcelerate CRICOS agent portal

Get out-of-the-box reporting capability to support your business

  • Choose from a range of standard reports and add your own filters or report columns to suit your needs
  • System users can create or save custom built reports using the unique Report Builder
  • Reuse existing reports with new parameters and then save the new report saving time and energy
  • Visualise your data using a variety of charts and graphs which can then be saved to your personalised dashboard
aXcelerate Automation

Automate a wide range of business processes

  • Automate a range of routine functions including email and SMS notifications to students, trainers, clients or other users based on key dates, events or status changes
  • Automate the sending of your post-course surveys to all students to ascertain the effectiveness of your training
  • Create schedules for recurring tasks such as monthly reports to be sent to users or clients
  • Reduce time on routine tasks which can be automated and enable staff to focus on higher value engagement with your clients
  • Automate your compliance processes with automated AVETMISS validation reports, automated Learner Engagement and Employer Satisfaction surveys, automated emailing of certificates and statements of attainment and much more!
  • *Workflow Automation is only available with aXcelerate Turbo
aXcelerate CRICOS agent portal

RTO Compliance

  • Easily generate, correct and submit your AVETMISS and other compliance reports
  • Built-in Learner Engagement & Employer Satisfaction surveys
  • Link RTO forms, policies & procedures to relevant SNR standards
  • Link quality improvement tasks & goals to relevant SNR standards
  • Ensure that only trainers with the right competencies are selected for courses
  • Keep track of your trainer’s PD and industry and vocational currency
aXcelerate CRICOS reporting

Industry-leading Implementation & Support

  • We’ve developed a highly refined implementation project planning and management methodology based on 15 years of experience and over 700 aXcelerate implementations
  • Our aXcelerate Assistant provides you with page-sensitive, quick access to:
  • Short hits of training (SHOTs) videos: 1-5 mins of training per video
  • Webinar videos: Longer videos providing instruction on end-to-end processes
  • Step-by-step instructional guides
  • Troubleshooting articles
  • Help 'hints' throughout the application to help you with unfamiliar fields/options
  • A knowledge base of all aXcelerate features and functions
  • Professional and responsive phone and email support to help with those trickier issues
  • Our Client Forums enable you to engage with us at a more personal level to get your feedback on our features and service delivery as well as gain insights into new features and upcoming product enhancements

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