aXcelerate provides a range of features to make managing
your schools VET program a breeze.

aXcelerate Learner Portal

Give your students a better VET eXperience

  • aXcelerate’s Learner Portal is fully responsive meaning that your students can access all their VET program learning and resources via their desktop or mobile browser
  • A clear and simple dashboard provides your students instant feedback on learning, unit and assessments progress and outcomes
  • Students can undertake their knowledge-based assessments online and submit directly to their teacher for review and marking - everything is automated!
  • Students can submit their USI online saving further administration time
aXcelerate Class Matrix

Course and student management

  • See all your student’s progress at a glance using our unique Class Matrix
  • Manage all your government funded students
  • Integrate with other school LMSs such as Canvas or Moodle to further streamline your VET work processes
  • Manage your school-based apprenticeships and traineeships with ease
  • Dynamically generate and send to one or all students a range of pre-built document/email templates such as welcome letters, course information, reminders, training plans and more
aXcelerate Reporting

Industry-leading reporting capability

  • You’ll love aXcelerate highly intuitive and flexible Report Builder
  • Choose from a range of standard reports and then add your own filters or report columns to suit your needs
  • Quickly and easily produce your VET academic progress reports as well as a host of other reports that you can save and share with others
  • Visualise your data using a variety of charts and graphs which can then be saved to your personalised dashboard - get the data you need, when you need it!

Powerful competency-based assessment

  • Empower your VET in schools program by conducting effective, competency based assessments for your students
  • Author assessments in a range of modes including observation checklists, quizzes, short answer, marking criteria or RPL evidence
  • Assessment questions or items can be easily mapped to the relevant unit of competency elements or performance criteria, knowledge evidence, performance evidence, foundation skills and assessment conditions
  • Choose your grading method and customised assessment modes to suit your specific assessment context
  • Conduct observation checklist assessments using the convenient assessor app eliminating a huge amount of assessment paperwork...and time!
aXcelerate Attendance Marking
aXcelerate Work-based Learning

Streamline your Work-based Learning programs (Coming Soon)

  • Students will be able to access their work placements information and assessments from a mobile device either online or offline
  • Employer app will enable supervisors to track and approve work attendance, activity and assessments with digital signatures
  • Teachers will save time by having up to date attendance, work placement, unit and assessment progress for all their one place!
  • Administrators and work placement coordinators will be able to quickly set up, change or cancel work placements and send notifications to all parties involved
aXcelerate Multi-step workflow

Automate your school's VET processes

  • Automate a range of routine functions including notifications to students and teachers based on important course milestones or events using aXcelerate powerful Workflow Automation feature
  • Automate the sending of your post-course surveys to all students to ascertain the effectiveness of your training
  • Automatically send reminders to students for things like overdue assessments, unit evidence not submitted or USI information not verified
aXcelerate Trainer Portal

VET Trainer/Assessor PD Management

  • Our unique Trainer Matrix provides the ideal way for teachers/trainers and administrators to track and manage all your VET professional development
  • Teachers can easily enter and upload their PD evidence of industry and vocational currency saving everyone time and effort
  • Administrators are alerted when there is new evidence to review and can approve, decline or request further information from the trainer
  • Teachers and Administrators can easily track the status of all required evidence, unit by unit or qual by qual via an intuitive, colour-coded matrix
  • Workflow automation handles all the notifications, status changes and reminders when unit evidence has expired saving even more time!
aXcelerate Online Enrolments

Whip your RTO into shape with our great compliance tools!

  • Significantly reduce the steps and time it takes to complete your AVETMISS reporting with single student enrolment on-page AVETMISS data validation warnings
  • Our AVETMISS report provides you with warnings or errors with your data as well as a link to open up the specific record to fix the data
  • Save even more time with aXcelerate’s direct NCVER AVETMISS Validation Software (AVS) API integration to take your data validation to the next level
  • Use aXcelerate’s inbuilt Learner Engagement and Employer Satisfaction surveys to gather timely post-course feedback
  • Keep track of your quality and continuous improvement efforts with our easy to use Quality Register...and stay compliant!

Manage your school's VET program easily with aXcelerate,
the complete One System solution for VET

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