With aXcelerate Turbo and our special CRICOS automation features, you can now streamline virtually all aspects of your business with One System!

aXcelerate CRICOS student management

Online Application & Course Management

  • Allow students and agents to complete all required student information as well as upload key documents such as passports and visas during your seamless online application process
  • Allocate the correct tuition and one-off fees for each enrolment and incorporate into aXcelerate’s Payment Plan feature
  • Send pre-designed, dynamic templates such as a Letters of Offer, Confirmations of Enrolment and attendance or progress warning letters that you can edit yourself at any time!
  • Manage CRICOS and ELICOS rolling enrolments using our powerful timetabling feature and enable your trainers to mark attendance from the palm of their hand
aXcelerate CRICOS financing

Take your financial management completely online with aXcelerate

  • Choose from either aXcelerate’s customisable Payment Plans or a 3rd party provider such as Debitsuccess or Ezypay to manage your student’s payment plans - charge students for their tuition and one-off fees
  • Automatically generate payment plan invoices to students upon due date
  • Export your financial data to Xero, MYOB or Quickbooks
  • Track and reconcile both manual, online, and agent commission payments quickly and easily
  • Save time managing all your student’s financial data from One System!
aXcelerate CRICOS student experience

Take your Student’s eXperience to the next level

Create an engaging experience for your students with the new Learner Portal.

  • Easily find, access and manage learning, assessments and resources they need for their enrolled courses
  • Launch eLearning content linked to their enrolled courses and units
  • Undertake online assessments and get instant feedback on their results
  • Access their calendar of scheduled face-to-face training sessions
  • View their up to date progress through their course as well as their attendance
  • Update their profile details

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CRICOS compliance...automated

  • Automatically send warning emails to students below customised progress or attendance thresholds
  • Automate SMS reminders to students with pending or overdue assessments
  • Auto-generate surveys for all completed students and maximise student engagement and compliance
  • Automatically send notifications to students where key documents such as a VISA might be expiring
  • Send automated reminder emails to administrators or key users for policy documents to review, quality assurance tasks to be completed or follow ups to be made
  • Automatically send scheduled reports to your trainers on student course and unit progression, fee status and attendance
  • Automatically generate business performance reports for your financial personnel
aXcelerate CRICOS student management
aXcelerate CRICOS reporting

Access your data more flexibly with aXcelerate’s industry-leading reporting system

Choose from a range of CRICOS-specific reports to help you make better decisions for your RTO.

  • Become your own Report Guru by creating, customising and saving unlimited reports on all areas of your business
  • Utilising aXcelerate NCVER Integration, AVETMISS errors and warnings have never been easier to fix!
  • Create default user dashboards with the key reporting data and notifications they need to perform their role effectively
  • Easily generate your compliant payments report for upload to PRISMS
  • Automatically deliver agent sales/commission reports directly to the inbox of your finance staff or external agents for commission tracking
aXcelerate CRICOS agent portal

Help your Agents save time and effort with online, real-time support

With the Agent Portal, agents are able to perform a range of tasks that would otherwise have to be done by an administrator further streamlining your operations.

  • Allow your Agents to have access to self-service applications via their own portal
  • Using their own Report Builder, Agents can track student progress and commission payments

Take your CRICOS RTO to the next level with aXcelerate,
the complete One System solution for RTOs


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