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The Youth Market: a Gold Mine of Opportunities

February 2, 2018

As new generations come into the workforce, fresh ideas and opportunities become available for everyone involved. This, in turn, creates new education opportunities and revenue for VET educators.

Young people are significant for the progress of the VET industry. They are the crucible of the next industry leaders and make up a large percentage of the learning pool. In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons why you should include young people in your training.

Large Market

Right now, 30% of all young people in Australia undertake VET, either in secondary education completing traineeships and apprenticeships, or fresh out of high school entering the industry of their choice. That’s a significant population that will only continue to grow.

Eager-minded and ready to grab life by the heels, this community is an excellent source of students, with the majority having just come from a learning environment and are wanting to upskill.

Traineeships & Apprenticeships

A more charming feature of the Australian VET system is traineeships and apprenticeships. These legal contracts award financial incentives to employers who take on new apprentices or trainees, or train and retrain existing workers. Young people are a continually revitalising age bracket with almost limitless apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities.

47% of trainees and apprentices are below 25 years old. With a little determination, these young potential students will come flocking to your doors, financial incentives following in their wake.

They’re Compelled

Young learners can have many advantages learning from a VET educator, such as credit points for a Queensland Certificate of Education or transitional opportunity into employment or higher education. Compelled to continue higher education after school, due to the flow of post-school education, will mean more advantages for your business when you target this age bracket. Open your arms with enticing courses and systems in place to accommodate youth.

Check out these tips on avoiding millennial neglection and you’ll be on the right track to including a gold mine of youthful, eager learners in your business.

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