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How Your RTO Can Survive and Thrive in 2021

November 9, 2020

Let’s face it—the effects of COVID-19 aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. We need to adapt and embrace the new normal of learning in an online world, and continue to stay engaged and connected amidst rapid change. Here are some tips for how your RTO can not only survive, but thrive going into 2021—the year of new opportunities and unlimited possibility.

Online learning, training and assessment

Engaging online learners

In the digital age, learners expect their online training to be engaging, accessible and easy to use. With Zoom fatigue affecting learning, concentration and mental health, students’ online learning experiences need to be optimised. Using an all-in-one system like aXcelerate will ensure your students' learning experiences are smooth and engaging. Key functionalities such as online assessment and workflow automation ensures a positive learning experience.

Interestingly, more and more teachers are using social media as a learning tool. You might be wondering, isn’t social media more of a procrastination tool? Well, many educators are taking advantage of the highly accessible collaborative and interactive capabilities that social media can provide. This includes using Facebook to communicate course information, asking questions, and providing an online space for learners to collaborate on group assignments. YouTube has also been a successful tool to share recorded presentations and classes, and to allow learners to share videos of themselves performing a task. If you want to further engage your students, you might want to think about the benefits of social media for learning. Here are 5 more tips for successful online training.

Digital skills in VET delivery

With the world’s increasing technological reliance, incorporating digital skills into VET delivery is slowly becoming the new norm. Being able to not only use, but also teach the technology is important to ensure VET graduates have sufficient digital skills going into industry. The new year is an opportunity for your RTO to increase student and industry satisfaction by supporting VET educators to be on top of the latest industry technologies, and know how to implement these critical digital skills in a learning environment.

The benefits of online assessment

We know assessment can be tricky. Mapping ASQA’s training components to assessments to stay compliant is cumbersome, especially with paper-based assessments remaining costly and time-consuming. Online assessment can resolve all of these issues, for both theoretical and practical assessments. With benefits such as reduced administrative burden, quicker marking, cost effectiveness and easier mapping, you’ll easily forget about the days when assessments were printed, written on with ball-point pens and marked page-by-page on your desk.

Here at aXcelerate, we recently celebrated the launch of our new Online Assessment Question Types – we think they’re pretty cool. We know moving your training online can seem daunting, but we have all the features and support you need to create the best student experience possible.

Workflow Automation

If in 2020 it’s seemed like you don’t have enough time to do everything you want to, workflow automation could be the answer. Workflow automation can not only help you save time and simplify your admin processes, but also give you easily understandable in-depth data. Running reports, sending emails and customer relationship management has never been easier or more efficient with workflow automation. It’s easy to get started with automating, with no programming experience or tech-savvy knowledge needed. For recurring tasks such as emailing reports to staff, you can create simple automated schedules to improve efficiency. So, on Monday morning you can come into work with all of those small, yet time-consuming, tasks already done for you.

Take advantage of JobTrainer

We’re sure you’ve heard of JobTrainer—the $1 billion initiative that will provide up to 340, 700 new training places. JobTrainer is available for both independent RTOs and public TAFE colleges alike, aiming to recover the COVID-19 hit economy through retraining and upskilling hundreds of thousands of Australians. JobTrainer will transform VET and is the perfect opportunity to invest in your RTO by upgrading your student and learning management system, taking on 2021 with all the support you need.

You deserve to have unwavering support and highly efficient student management in the new year. There is unlimited potential for your RTO to thrive like never before in 2021.

‘Tis the season for AVETMISS reporting

Keeping up with compliance changes can be tiresome, but there are some great ways to stay up to date with compliance throughout the new year. Some things you can implement into your daily schedule to keep up with VET and RTO compliance are:

Ready to take your training to the next level in 2021? There’s never been a better time to make the switch to aXcelerate.

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