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EdTech Fast 5 - Mike Karlin on the student-centered approach to lesson design

February 22, 2019

Mike Karlin is a former K-12 teacher and technology integration specialist.  He is currently completing his Ph.D. at Indiana University where he supports preservice teachers' development of technology integration skills.  Mike is also the founder and editor of The EdTech Roundup, and education technology blog that provides news and reviews. You can read more on his portfolio or connect with him on Twitter.

Mike Karlin

1. What’s the most overrated topic in education right now?

I hate to say it, but probably virtual reality.  I think it has a ton of potential in the education space, but where the technology is at currently in terms of accessibility, and meeting the needs of diverse learners, it just has a long ways to go.

2. Does technology motivate creativity?

Not in and of itself.  A boring assignment is still a boring assignment, even if technology is involved.  Tapping into students' interests and passions motivates creativity, and technology can certainly help with that.

3. What app can’t you live without?

For the K-12 classroom, I think Flipgrid is wonderful, and the fact that it's completely free for all educators now makes it even better.

4. What events from your own experience as a learner have informed your approach to your work in education?

Every time I've participated in a lesson that was entirely teacher-centered and lecture-based has made me always work towards designing lessons and activities that are student-centered, with clear real-world connections.

5. Which actor would play you in the movie about your life?

Hopefully, they'd at least let me audition for the part. I feel like I could bring a real sense of authenticity to the role.

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