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5 reasons why your RTO should be excited for VET in 2022

December 10, 2021

The past couple of years have been challenging, to say the least. We’ve gone through some pretty difficult obstacles, and many are feeling fatigued. 

However, although none of us can predict the future, there are definitely some great things to be excited about in 2022 in the VET sector. 

1. The return of international students

One thing that many have been looking forward to is the return of international students. International students are allowed to return to Australia from 15 December, and many are optimistic that there will be many more arrivals coming back throughout 2022. 

As many of us know, the Government has set out a plan for the next ten years for international education in Australia. The strategy leans on four priority areas: diversification, alignment with Australia’s workforce and skills needs, students at the centre, and growth and global competitiveness[1]. 

The Government has also announced new fee relief and funding for CRICOS and ELICOS providers. 

Even with these Government measures in place, 2022 will likely still be a very challenging hurdle for international training providers to overcome. However, it’s still an exciting time for those providers who are equipped with high quality online and blended training. Alongside great marketing, strategy and staff expertise, having the right technology to support blended learning will be a key success factor for many training organisations in the years to come.

2. The need for upskilling and reskilling

Upskilling has been important in VET for a long time, but now more than ever more workers need to upskill to match industry needs. There’s a need for the VET system to become more responsive and dynamic, providing quality training so that Australians can develop emerging and trending skills that will help them succeed in the long term. 

Changing skills demands means Australian workers will be likely to change jobs 2.4 times over the next two decades. In fact, the tasks within Australian jobs are estimated to be changing by an average of 18% every decade, and Australians are predicted to spend 33% more time on education and training across their lifetime by 2040[2]. 

The good news is an NSC analysis of existing qualifications, skill sets and units in the VET system found a number of these already provide training in relevant emerging and trending skills. Education providers have the opportunity to be dynamic and responsive by providing the training workers need to reskill and retrain in 2022 and beyond, including with microcredentials, digital badging and more.

Emerging skills in VET

3. Digitising work-based learning

Work-based learning has been paper-based for years – when most other parts of an RTO’s management processes have gone digital, the management of work placements has lagged behind as a manual and paper-based process. Digitising work-based learning for the RTO (trainers and admins), host employer and learners is the logical and practical step forward for training organisations – and 2022 is a great year to make this change. We’re excited to see how much time providers will save, and how much less risk there will be in managing work placements with a digitised work-based learning system – and we’re sure many providers feel the same excitement too. 

4. Immersive learning technologies

Extended reality (XR), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) are all technologies that are already making a big impact on education worldwide. RTOs should be excited about the opportunities and capabilities this tech provides, especially since we’re seeing very realistic immersive learning environments come to life. Black6 Labs is one Australian company who is developing immersive learning technology, which actually integrates with aXcelerate’s student management system (and learning management system) – allowing you to easily stay compliant with virtual reality. Pretty cool, if you ask us. 

5. In-person is back

And finally, RTOs should be excited about more and more things being in-person again. From on-site and classroom learning to events and more, we know we’re excited to see everyone in person again. (If you’re keen to see us too, we’ll be at quite a few VET events this year – keep an eye out on our social media to see when and where). 

Overall, although there will still be challenges and obstacles in 2022, there are many opportunities to be excited about as well.

What are you excited about for next year? Let us know on our LinkedIn.

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  1. Australian Strategy for International Education 2021-2030
  2. AlphaBeta future skills report

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