aXcelerate + SqID

Credit card payment solutions for RTOs.
Accept student payments the easy way, in One System.

aXcelerate + SqID

Powerful student payment features for your RTO

  • Accept credit card payments, without restriction
  • Full payment breakdown
  • Credit card type detected automatically when entering card number
  • Outstanding collections report, to identify uncollected payments
aXcelerate Student Work Placements

No more manual payment processing

  • Students can select their own payments, even while on the move
  • Fully secure and protected, with built in fraud prevention
  • Ability to auto-send receipts via SMS or email
  • Easy, one-step setup process
aXcelerate + Debitsuccess

Accept credit card payments from learners. Auto-send receipts via SMS or email.

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Simplify your student payment processes with SqID & aXcelerate,
the complete One System payment solution for RTOs