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Unpacking the Release Notes June 2021

June 21, 2021

Release Notes Highlight Reel

aXcelerate is continually improving and this month is no different! We’ve been working hard on improving aXcelerate from all levels. This month we have made some updates to our learning plans, active learners / billable learners terminology and a few other improvements to help your user experience across the system. Here are the highlights!

  • Additional tools are now available when embedding content into Online Assessments. Users can now set the orientation of media they embed into an assessment - Landscape, Portrait or a custom size.

  • A check has been added for first name, surname, and date of birth before submitting a USI in the Learner Portal. USI validation errors in the Learner Portal also now contain details on which field(s) are incorrect. This will reduce the number of errors the students encounter while trying to validate their USI, meaning less enquiries for you.

  • The UI for processing refunds via payment gateways has been improved. The refund option is now available in a dropdown menu under the 'Refund' tab.

  • The option to send a Template directly to Venue Contacts with an email address from a Workshop is now available.

  • We have created a new HubSpot sync tool for synchronizing individual fields between aXcelerate and HubSpot. Additionally, all configuration and import pages for the HubSpot integration have been combined into a single area, which is now only accessible via the Configure button in the HubSpot Integration section of the Web & Other Integrations tab of System Settings (previously these were accessible from the Marketing menu)

  • Clients can now set whether E-Learning updates linked unit commencement or completion at the E-learning course level. Previously, this setting was only available at a system level. 

  • Some improvements have been made to the certificate validation page: * Surname is now a mandatory field for privacy purposes * Students with no surname will still be able to select the "No Surname" checkbox * The validation result will now show the "Date of Completion" instead of "Date of Issuance"

For our full list of improvements to aXcelerate this month, visit our official release notes in Zendesk.

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