We're enhancing our billing terminology & transparency

May 14, 2021

We know that billing is a sensitive subject even at the best of times, and have identified some ways that we can really assist you in understanding how we calculate this. 

Previously, aXcelerate has used the term ‘Active Learner’ to identify which contacts in your aXcelerate system were included as part of your license fee. Over the coming months, we’ll be transitioning to the term ‘Billable Learner’, as we feel it better portrays the implied meaning. 

We’ve also created this new help article, to better outline what constitutes a ‘Billable Learner’. Our previous documentation was a little limited, so we’ve included more details surrounding the logic used by our system, as well as additional examples.

In the coming months, we’ll be updating the system to provide much greater transparency on your current ‘Billable Learner’ numbers and how they are progressing towards your license tier. Once released, you will notice a new dashboard widget that will appear for authorized Administrators in your system. We will switch this on by default for Administrators with certain settings and permissions enabled (TBD), and will also provide the option to disable this widget for specific users via a new user permission. Don’t worry, it will be quite minimalistic and unobtrusive, so you’ll still have room for all of your beautiful Dashboard reports!

The widget will display the Licence Tier your account is on, how many billable learners you have in the cycle, how far through your billing cycle you are, and any additional billable learners over your pricing plan. 

Whilst we’re excited for our clients to have this visibility in a beautiful widget, you can currently find this information in Settings -> System Settings -> Account Statistics. Your key contact and your training administrator (as set in the core settings of aXcelerate) also receive a monthly email detailing the current status of your Learner Numbers. 

We look forward to receiving your feedback in response to these billing-related improvements.

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