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Our features are focused on the future of training and assessment. By pushing the boundaries of your traditional student management system, we have ensured that aXcelerate will actively grow with the needs of your training organisation.

aXcelerate CRM (Client Relationship Management)

CRM (Client Relationship Management)

  • Create contacts such as clients, students and trainers, with key information for each
  • Record all communication and activity for contacts, for a full audit trail
  • Link contacts to organisations, and set primary contacts and payers
  • Create follow-up tasks, including scheduled emails
  • Send bulk emails or SMS's by contact category, postcode and more
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  • Create short courses directly from the calendar, and send email notifications to the desired guests
  • Find quality tasks, student activities, booked assets, events, short courses, or a combination
  • Layouts based on trainers, rooms, or equipment, with data pulled from your system usage to help avoid clashes
  • Save filtered views
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Create unique calendar views in aXcelerate
Workflow automation in aXcelerate

Workflow Automation

  • Reach multiple contacts simultaneously by sending automatic email and SMS templates that you have complete control over
  • Manage quality improvement through the automation of post-course surveys
  • Setup automated tasks to run any saved report on a scheduled basis (e.g. once a month) and send the output to relevant users such as managers, trainers, or compliance staff
  • Choose a saved report to trigger action(s) based on the report output: For example, create a workflow to run a saved custom report once a week of students who enrolled in the Certificate IV in Business without a verified USI. Automatically email all of these students requesting they provide their USI.
  • Get aXcelerate to run your AVETMISS validation report automatically once a week and send you a copy – straight to your inbox
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Resources Library

  • Cloud-based document management, accessible from anywhere
  • Version control for every document, to track changes
  • Set review dates for documents, and get reminded before the date
  • Allow students to access training documents from the Learner Portal
  • Decide which users should access which documents
  • Email documents to users when criteria is met
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Enhance the student experience with aXcelerate

Student Experience

  • A new and improved Learner Portal allows learners to find, access and manage the learning, assessments and resources they need
  • Deliver online assessments and learning with a new platform focused entirely on learner usability, engagement and success
  • Allow learners to easily track their course, assessment and learning progression with valuable insights throughout their portal
  • Two-way feedback and messaging between the learner and the RTO for both course and non-course related communication increases efficiency and satisfaction, while also reducing delays
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Work-based Learning

  • Capture work placement hours attended
  • Log work-based activities & assessments
  • Communicate with teachers/trainers, employers and administrators
  • Track the status and progress of learners, their courses, assessments, units & work placements
  • Easily change or cancel work placements and send notifications to all parties involved
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Work-based learning in aXcelerate
Online assessments with aXcelerate

Online Assessments

  • Create course-related and standalone assessments
  • Download qualification training components directly from training.gov.au including units, elements, performance criteria, foundation skills, performance evidence, knowledge evidence and assessment conditions
  • Drag and drop your assessment questions and items to related training components, or vice versa, to create mapping relationships
  • Review the mapping of each assessment task and their assessment items/criteria or questions as they relate to the unit of competency and its components
  • Assessors can view assessment instructions, conduct and mark assessments, write notes about assessment outcomes, provide learners with feedback and apply their electronic signature to authenticate the assessment
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  • Connect popular accounting, CRM, e-learning and ERP systems to aXcelerate, to send and receive data
  • Send data to external systems from the majority of aXcelerate’s features, including custom fields
  • Our API is based on the industry-standard REST protocol
  • Use RelaxURL’s console to test HTTP requests, with clear error messages
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Direct API integrations wit your favourite apps
Enhance the student experience with aXcelerate

Learning Plans

  • Trainers and Assessors are now able to create beautiful online lessons and assessments while controlling the flow of the learner experience.
  • Elevate the learning experience for your learners by guiding them step by step to get competent in specific units and qualifications.
  • Easily and visually plan out your course content. Learning Plans makes authoring simple, with drag and drop functionality and the ability to map back to units within the Learning Plan.
  • After a Learning Plan has been applied to a class and learners have been enrolled, you will be able to view the progress of your learners in the Learning Plan from the Class Matrix.
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quality management in aXcelerate

Quality Management

  • Create quality improvement tasks for staff, to maintain high standards
  • Convert students’ survey feedback to quality improvement tasks
  • Create categories for RTO Standards compliance tasks, and non-compliance tasks
  • See pending and completed quality improvement tasks and goals, for audits
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  • Create standalone or workshop-related surveys.
  • Meet ASQA quality indicator requirements, with the easy creation of Learner Engagement and Employer Satisfaction surveys.
  • Schedule survey activation and notify recipients of the survey due date.
  • Send automatic reminders to complete surveys
  • Full version control for surveys, for easy data comparison between versions
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standalone or workshop-related surveys in aXcelerate
Trainer matrix to manage and maintain trainer competency/currency

Trainer Matrix

  • Helpful dashboard widget that displays competency evidence awaiting approval
  • Trainers can upload competency/currency evidence against single units of competency, or entire qualifications
  • Trainers can be automatically notified when units of competency are due to expire or when evidence requires review
  • Allow admins to review competency submissions, and respond with comments, a request for more information, or approval
  • Automatically notify admins when new evidence is uploaded
  • Automatically notify admins when competencies are close to expiration
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VET Compliance

  • Report on national and state-based AVETMISS, CRICOS, and VSL data, with powerful filtering tools. Fix errors directly within the report
  • Manage quality register goals and tasks, linked to RTO Standards 2015
  • Upload evidence of trainer competency, and be notified of competency expiry
  • Set reminders for document reviews, quality assurance tasks, and follow ups
  • Auto-send reports to trainers, such as course and unit progression, attendance, and fee status
  • Capture key student documents in their application, such as passports, VISAs, insurance, qualifications, or anything else
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AVETMISS, CRICOS, VSL data and reporting in aXcelerate
Finance management in aXcelerate

Finance Management

  • Choose from a range of invoicing options including self-service online enrolments with credit card facility
  • Use aXcelerate’s inbuilt finance templates for invoices, receipts, credit notes, etc. or tailor your own to suit your branding
  • Use the handy view options to view grouped transaction types: invoices, payments, credits, refunds, ledger view by date including voided or draft invoices or outstanding items only
  • Create finance models to handle a range of complex funding arrangements involving a government component, student tuition fees, employer contribution, JSA or agency contributions
  • Setup default commission rates for your agents but have the flexibility to vary rates at time of course enrolment
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  • Run a range of standard reports to manage courses, enrolments, assessment progress, attendance, surveys, finances, contacts, user activity, trainer management and more
  • Choose from quick and simple live reports, or complex warehoused reports with powerful data comparisons
  • Manage business risk with specially designed risk factor filters, such as student activity levels, assessment and unit progression, attendance and more
  • Save and reuse your reports. Quickly edit report parameters and save as a new report
  • Share your reports with other system users including trainers, finance, clients, and agents
  • Easily reconcile your payments against statements by filtering on a range of fields including payment and processing methods
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Rich finance reporting in aXcelerate
Diverse dashboards for financial reporting


  • Customisable dashboard that shows reports, items to review, and follow-ups
  • See documents that are close to expiry, including review dates
  • A list of enrolment requests for review
  • A list of assessments due for marking
  • Goals, tasks, and surveys that have been created
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  • Auto-send professionally designed, branded templates to students, such as registration letters, welcome letters, offer letters, course completion, progress or attendance reports, course withdrawal, refunds, and more
  • Bulk send templates by contact category, course, postcode or postcode range, or a combination
  • Create custom email/print templates, and send to your contacts
  • Add over 600 different fields to your templates, to create exactly what you need. Includes full tables of data
  • Record all communication sent to contacts, for a full audit trail and report on numbers and types of emails being sent to contacts
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Professional templates to send to contacts

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